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History Quiz chapter 12


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Describe the members of the 3 estates in France.
What political body had the authority to reform the tax system in France?
Who ruled France at the beginning of the Revolution?
Louis xvi
How long did the first French constitution remain in force?
1 year
What period in French history began when the Committee of Public Safety gained absolute power?
Reign of Terror
What government committee gained absolute authority in France?
Committee of Public Safety
Napoleon Bonaparte
leader, took control of government in France-- overthrew 'Directory', became one of the 3 consuls, then 1st consul, then dictator
Code Napoleon
codification of French law- set up a commission to organize the laws passed during the revolution
battle, where Prussia and Britain confronted Napoleon and his forces in modern Belgium, at Waterloo
How did Napoleon become the First Consul?
pushed the others aside- ended up being a dictator
What contribution did Napoleon make to French law?
Code Napoleon- organized and coded the laws made during the revolution
What role did Napoleon play in conquering several European states?
In what country was Napoleon defeated by winter and a retreating army?
What movement led to revolts in Europe?
What nations came to the aid of Greece in order to help Greece gain its independence?
Russia, Britain, France
intense devotion and loyalty to one's own people
What religious differences contributed to Belgium's revolt against the Netherlands?
They were Roman Catholic, while most others were Protestant
What powerful nation controlled the eastern portion of Poland?
What European nation assisted Austria in subduing the Hungarian revolt?
What economic union enhanced trade between the German states?
Who was appointed to be the chancellor of Prussia in 1862?
Otto von Bismarck
What methods did Bismarck use to unite the German states?
diplomacy, propoganda, military might
Who formed a group of patriots that worked to bring about Italian unification?
Giuseppe Mazzini- formed group called Young Italy- for unification
Who formed an army known as the "Red Shirts" and conquered the island of Sicily?
Giuseppi Garibaldi