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  1. not discouraged or swayed
    synonym: interest, antonym: shrinking
  2. at a distance
    synonym: detached, antonym: sociable
  3. insensitive, unsympathetic
    synonym: unfeeling, antonym: compassionate
  4. characterized by fluent and powerful speech
    synonym: articulate, antonym: inarticulate
  5. gloomy
    synonym: glum, antonym: lighthearted

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  1. bellicoseinsensitive, unsympathetic
    synonym: unfeeling, antonym: compassionate


  2. jadedgloomily dark
    synonym: depressing, antonym: joyful


  3. artlessfree from deceit; natural
    synonym: innocent, antonym: sophisticated


  4. desolateto overwhelm or flood
    synonym: overrun, antonym: underwhelm


  5. obtusenot quick or alert mentally
    synonym: unintelligent, antonym: clever


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