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That quality in a story that makes the reader eager to discover what happens next and how it will end


something that means more than what it is


a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole

terza rima

an interlocking rhyme scheme with the pattern aba bcb cdc...


a metrical line containg four feet


the central idea of a literary work


the writer's or speaker's attitude toward the subject, the audience, or himself or herself; the emotional coloring, or emotional meaning, of a work


a type of drama, opposed to comedy, which depicts the causally related events that lead to the downfall and suffering of the protagonist, a person of unusual moral or intellectual stature or outstanding abilities


a metrical line containg three feet

triple meter

a meter in which a majority of the feet contain three syllables

trochaic meter

a meter in which the majority of feet are trochees


a metrical foot consisting of one accented syllable followed by one unaccented syllable


a figure of speech that consists of saying less than one means, or of saying what one means with less force than the occasin warrants


metrical language, the opposite of prose


a chiefly French verse form running on two rhymes and consisting typically of five tercets and a quatrain in which the first and third lines of the opening tercet recur alternately at eh end of the other tercets and together as the last two lines of the quatrain

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