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Ca. 20,000 Bc
Circa, close to 20,000 before Christ was born
old stone
Paleolithic Climate
Ice Age
Paleolithic Food
hunter- gathers
Paleolithic Shelter/Area
Caves in Western Europe
Altamire Cave
North of Spain, discovered in 1879
Lascaux Cave
South of France, discovered in 1940
Chauvet Cave
South of France, discovered in 1994
Paleolithic Paintings Theme
Paleolithic Painting Location
Grottos, caves within caves
Paleolithic Grottos Light?
Rock oil lamps
Animal Theme Theories 1-3
1. Religion/Worship
2.Magic Rituals/ Vudoo Dolls
3.Didactic/ Teach how to hunt
Paleolithic Sculptures Location
Western Europe
Paleolithic Sculptures Themes
Why Women?
they give birth
Paleolithic Sculpture Colors
Paleolithic Sculptures Shape
Venus Figures
Type of Sculptures
1. In the round
2. Relief
Venus of Willendorf
in the round
Paleolithic Music Made of
Animal Bones

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