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What are the 6 areas that comprise Naval Doctrine?
Command and Control
What are the 7 principles of Naval Logistics?
Flexibility - adapting logistic support to changing conditions.
Economy - employing logistic support assets effectively.
Attainability - acquiring the minimum essential logistics support to begin combat operations
Responsiveness - provide the right support at the right time, at the right place.
Simplicity - avoiding unnecessary complexity in preparing, planning and conducting logistic operation
Sustainability - provide logistic support for the duration of the operation
Survivability - ensure that the logistic infrastructure prevails in spite of degradation and damage.
What's the name of the first US ship named after an enlisted man?
USS Osmond Ingram (DD 255), launched 28Feb1919. GM1 Ingram was serving aboard USS Cassin (DD 43). Awarded the medal of honor . Died on 15Oct1917 from a German torpedo.
What conditions led to the formation of the US Navy?
13Oct1775. formed during the american revolutionary War. USS Alfred was the 1st USN Flagship. John Paul Jones - Father of the USN.

Strategic for supply and defense, merchant ships were converted to form the first Navy.
What were the three ships in the inception of the Navy?
Ships-of-the-Line: 64-100 Guns, battleships
Frigates: 28-44 Guns, cruisers of the 18th century
Sloops of War: 10-20 Guns, sailing warship
Explain the history of the hand salute.
Custom that's hundreds of years old, most likely came from knights raising their visors out of respect.
Explain saluting the Ensign.
When the Ensign is being paraded, you should stand and salute until it has past by.
Explain the custom of Dipping the Ensign.
Merchant ships dip their Ensign as Naval Warships pass by.
Explain what a Gun Salute is.
In the older days of Naval Warfare, it took 20 minutes to load one round. Ships fire a round off, rendering themselves vulnerable for 20 minutes out of respect.
Describe the Battle of Coral Sea.
First Carrier to Carrier battle in history. The two fleets never saw each other.
USS Lexington sunk on 8May1942
Describe the Voyage of the Great White Fleet.
16 Dec 1907 - 22 Feb 1909
President Roosevelt sent 16 Battleships around the world to display naval sea power. 14 month voyage, 14000 sailors, covering more than 43000 miles and making 20 port calls on 6 continents.
Describe the Battle of Normandy.
06Jun1942-mid July 1942
Larges amphibious assault in history. D-Day.
Describe the Battle of Midway.
The turning point of the war in the pacific. Japanese lost 4 carriers, 1 heavy cruiser, and 258 aircraft. USS Yorktown sunk 7Jul1942
Describe Guadalcanal.
Japanese retreated, causing Australia to be more secure from Japanese attack.
Describe the Battle of Leyte Golf.
Last effort by the Japanese to salvage the Philippines, but backfired and it was the end of their Naval force in the war.
Discribe the Mercury 3.
05 May 1961
Allan Shepard, USN - First US manned space flight.
achieved manual control under weghtlessness.
Describe the Gemini 3.
23 Mar 1965
John Young, USN - First 2 man space mission. Maneuver from 1 orbit to another-a total of 3 orbits.
Describe the Apollo 11 mission.
16-24 Jul 1969
Niel Armstrong, former USN LT - First lunar landing. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21.5 hrs deploying scientific instruments and collecting samples.
Describe the Apollo 17 mission.
07-09 Dec 1981
Eugene Cernan and Ronald Evans, USN - 7th and final Lunar mission.
Describe the STS-1.
12-14 Apr 1981
John Young and Robert Crippen - First orbital test flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia. All naval crew. Completed 36 orbits before landing at Edwards AFB California
Describe the On-the-Roof Gang.
176 enlisted Sailors that led the way to the formation of Crypto Techs. Intercept and analyzed foreign radio signals.
Describe The Purple Code.
most secure diplomatic cryptographic system used by the Japanese Foreign Office. not a code but an electromagnetic cipher.
Describe the attack on the USS Liberty.
08 Jun 1967
Israeli aircraft struck the ship in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula.
Describe the USS Pueblo
The only US Navy ship held captive, still in commission in North Korea.
Describe the Landing at Inchon.
General MacArthur's plan to attach Inchon that was cancelled due to a lack of troops' training and difficulty of the mission. Operation Bluehearts
Describe the Hainan Island incident.
01 Apr 2001
US EP-3 mid-air collision with PLAN jet. P-3 crew held by China until 11 Apr 01.
What is Bletchley Park?
US code for our cypher school. needed a secure location, in Aug 1939 it started in Bletchley Park.
Describe the Navajo Code Talkers.
Participated in every assault with the US Marines from 1942 - 1945. It was the one code the Japanese could not break during the war.
Explain the attack on the USS Stark.
17 May 1987
shot by 2 Exocet Missiles from an Iraqi jet during the Iran-Iraq War.
37 killed, 21 injured.
Describe the EC-121 shootdown.
North Korea shot down a recon plan on 15 Apr 1969 killing all 31 Americans onboard.
State the qualities of the US Navy.
Ready Force
Flexible Force
Self-sustaining Force
Mobile Force
What are the 3 levels of war?
Tactical - in individual engagements
Operational - support theater engagements
Strategic - supports National goals
Discuss the National Security Act of 1947.
Merged the Navy Department and the War Department to create the Department of Defense under SECDEF. Dept of the Air Force created.
1949, act was amended to give SECDEF more power over each services and their secretaries.
What is Naval Command and Control?
basic concepts to fulfill the information needs of CDRs, Forces and weapons systems.
What is Naval Operation?
develops doctrine to reaffirm the foundation of US Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary maritime traditions.
What is Naval Warfare?
inherent nature and enduring principles of naval forces.
What is Naval Logistics?
addresses the full range of logistical capabilities that are essential in the support of naval forces.
What is Naval Intelligence?
points way for intelligence support in meeting the requirements of both regional conflicts and operations other than war.
What is Naval Planning?
examines planning and the relationship between our capabilities and operational planing in the joint and multinational environment.
Describe D-Day landing?
General Dwight Eisenhower lauched code-name Neptune. hundreds of amphibious ships and craft, supported by combatant warship crossed the english channel behind dozens of minesweepers.
Describe the Navy Core Values?
1991 tailhook scandal. The then core values of Tradition, Loyalty, and Commitment caused more than 83 sexual assaults unreported. CNO ADM Frank Kelso launched the Core Values Initiative established by CNET in 1992.
Sailors Creed
1993, written by a Blue Ribbon Recruit Training panel by direction of CNO ADM Frank Kelso.
All Personnel are sailors first, then officers, chiefs, petty officers - aviators, seabees surface warriors, and submariners.
RADM Grace Murray Hopper
9Dec1906-1Jan1992. Computer Scientist and Naval Officer. First programmer of Harvard mark 1 computer and developer of the first compiler for a computer programming language. Led the development of COBOL, and introduced debugging. Known as Amazing Grace.
USS Hopper (DDG-70) was named after her.
1970 implemented standards for testing computer systems and components such as FORTRAN and COBOL.
1980 the test were assumed by National Bureau os Standards or National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Describe Electric Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)
first operations, general-purpose and electronic computer. Developed at Moore School of electrical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.
first use to calculate hydrogen bomb (manhattan Project)
known as the Giant Brain for speed of 1000x faster than electro-mechanical machines.
14Feb1946 introduced at university of pennsylvania costing almost $500K.
Discuss Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET)
1969-precursor to the modern internet
1968- DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) contracts with BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman to create ARPNET
first operational packet-switching network. predecessor of the global internet.
1970-first 5 nodes: UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara U of Utah, and BBN
Discuss John Walker Espionage Case
system flaw in the Fleet Broadcasting system cause walker along with his brother, son and friend to steal and sell information to the Soviets from 1968-1985
Cause of TPI.
Led to the establishment of Director of Counterintelligence on the National Security Council.
Discuss the Intelligence Organization
23Mar1882. Established in the USN. formed under direction of then SEVNAV, William Hunt with Gen ORder 292.
Oldest member of the US Intelligence Community
Discuss first CIO/DNI
Theodorus Bailey Myers Mason-first head of ONI with the post Chief Intelligence Officer (redesignated as Director of Naval Intelligence in 1911.)
Discuss the Departments of Office of Naval Intelligence
Department Library and Office of Intelligence combined and placed under direction of the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.