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  1. Anomia
  2. Reading together, writing, Alphabet, joint-attention, developmental toys, Braun's 14 morphemes,
  3. Nonsymbolic play
  4. Minor hemisphere meditation
  5. Dysarthria
  1. a Early Intervention tactics.
  2. b Weakness or incoordination of muscles
  3. c Naming issues. Exhibited in all aphasias.
  4. d Free play; no meaning
  5. e Use right hemisphere for some aspects; music, emotion, spatial concepts, etc.

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  1. The infant and caregiver look at each other during social interactions.
  2. Older children (possibly middle school-aged)
  3. Damage in the brain; loss of ability to use parts of language
  4. The ability to reflect upon a situation that was handled badly and discuss why.
  5. Elementary aged children (5-11) tactics

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  1. ApraxiaInability to plan and execute wanted sounds. Cannot make mouth movements or have different sequences.


  2. Narrative writingNonfiction writing. Relating only facts.


  3. Stimulation-facilitation approachRepeated trials; low level and move up


  4. Constraint-induced therapyUsing the "bad" body part or ability in order to strengthen it. Can be used verbally by only answering questions aloud.


  5. ParaphasiaDamage in the brain; loss of ability to use parts of language