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  1. Narrative writing
  2. Perseveration
  3. Communicative Drawing
  4. Joint-attention
  5. Executive functions
  1. a Used to convey basic wants and needs
  2. b Be able to reflect and evaluate a previous scenario.
  3. c A story with a character, a plot and possible lesson at the end.
  4. d A shared focus underlies successful communications.
  5. e Unintentional repetition of words or stories; "That's a pen. And those are pens. And that's a pen."

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  1. Uses an incorrect word; error in speech output where the wrong word is used but it is close to the wanted word.
  2. Difficulty of coordination, timing and rate; helps to slow the rate of patient and over-articulate ends of words.
  3. The infant and caregiver look at each other during social interactions.
  4. Nonfiction writing. Relating only facts.
  5. Use right hemisphere for some aspects; music, emotion, spatial concepts, etc.

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  1. Stimulation-facilitation approachRepeated trials; low level and move up


  2. Social/pragmatic skills by using role-playing and social autopsy, use metaphors and idioms, teach study skills, categorizing, sequencing, vocabulary and executive functionsRepeated trials; low level and move up


  3. DysarthriaWeakness or incoordination of muscles


  4. ApraxiaDamage in the brain; loss of ability to use parts of language


  5. NeologismUnidentifiable and new word; made up. Ex. Hammock = blick