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LATN102 Week 2: Catullus 5-8, 12-14 (minus words from LATN101)


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aestimātiō aestimatiōnis f.
price, monetary value
aestuōsus -a -um
hot, sweltering
arānea arāneae f.
spiderweb, cobweb; spider
arēna (harēna) -ae f.
sand, beach
ās assis m.
a copper coin of negligible value, like a penny
Asinius -a -um
belonging to the Roman gens Asinia
bāsiātiō -ōnis f.
a kissing, kissification
bāsiō bāsiāre bāsiāvī bāsiātus
bāsium bāsī(ī) n.
a kiss
Battus -ī m.
Battus, legendary founder of Cyrene
bellus -a -um
pretty, nice, fine, charming
cachinnus cachinnī m.
laugh, guffaw; metaph. of rippling waves
candidus -a -um
bright; white; fair-skinned (implying beauty); gorgeous (of a woman)
cēna cēnae f.
dinner (the principal Roman meal, normally eaten in the evening)
(indecl. adj.) a hundred
conturbō conturbāre conturbāvī conturbātus
mix up, confuse
Cupīdō -inis m.
desire; object of desire (as term of affection); Cupid or Eros
cūriōsus -a -um
excessively careful, meddlesome (as subst., a busybody)
Cȳrēnae -ārum f.
Cyrene, a town in northwest Lybia; the province of Cyrene
dēstinātus -a -um
stubborn, obstinate
disertus -a -um
skilled in speaking, articulate
dormiō dormīre dormīvī dormītum
discriminating, refined, elegant
facētia -ae f.
cleverness, wit
fascinō fascināre
to cast a fascinum or spell upon; bewitch
faveō favēre fāvī fautus
be well-disposed, show favor to (w/dat.)
fulgeō fulgēre fulsī
shine brightly, gleam
furtīvus -a -um
secret, furtive
hendecasyllabus hendecasyllabī m.
hendecasyllables (eleven-syllable verses of poetry, esp. lines of poetry in the Phalaecian meter; cutting or sarcastic verses)
Hibērī -ōrum m. pl.
Iberians, Spaniards
impotens -entis
powerless; lacking in self-control (hence headstrong, wild, violent, intemperate)
ineptiō ineptīre
play the fool, be silly
ineptus -a -um
foolish, gauche, awkward
invenustus -a -um
(not venustus) unlovely, unattractive
invideō invidēre invīdī invīsus
to look at with ill will or envy; begrudge
invītus -a -um
iocōsus -a -um
full of laughs, jolly, happy
iocus iocī m.
joke, jest
labellum labellī n.
lip (diminutive of labrum)
lāsarpīcifer -era -erum
silphium-bearing (silphium = laserwort, used as a contraceptive)
lepor lepōris m.
charm, grace, wit; term of endearment
Libyssus -a -um
North Africa
linteum -ī n.
linen cloth; napkin; sail
Marrūcīnus -a -um
of or belonging to a people living on the east coast of central Italy
merus -a -um
pure, undiluted (esp. of wine)
mnēmosynum mnēmosynī n.
keepsake, souvenir
mordeō mordēre momordī morsus
nāsus nāsī m. or nāsum nāsī n.
neglegēns neglegentis
obdūrō obdūrāre obdūrāvī obdūrātus
be persistent or obdurate
obstinātus -a -um
stubborn, obstinate, resolute
occidō occidere occidī occāsus
fall; (of heavenly bodies) set
olfaciō -acere -ēcī -actum
ōrāculum -ī n.
pernumerō pernumerāre pernumerāvī pernumerātus
fully enumerate, count out
puella puellae f.
girl; young woman; girlfriend
as much as
rūmor rūmōris m.
rumor, gossip
sacculus sacculī m.
sāl salis m.
salt, wit (fig., of a quality that gives character and flavor; by metonymy, the sea)
salsus -a -um
salty, briny; witty, clever
scelestus -a -um
lying under a curse; (applied pityingly) wretched; wicked
sector sectārī sectātus sum
follow constantly; pursue, chase
a single time, once; once and for all
senex senis m.
old man
or if; whether ... or
sevērus -a -um
austere, stern, strict, grave
sīdus sīderis n.
star, planet, constellation
sinister -a -um
left; harmful, perverse, misguided
sodālis sodālis m.
crony, buddy, comrade
sōl sōlis m.
the sun
sordidus -a -um
dirty, squalid, shabby, unbecoming, tacky, sordid
suāvis suāve
agreeable, pleasant
sūdārium sūdāri(ī) n.
a cloth carried to wipe off sweat (sudor), also used as a napkin
over, above; more; besides; (prep. w/ acc.) over
talentum talentī n.
talent (a weight of silver used as a Greek unit of currency; a large sum of money)
such a quantity, so much (tantum...quantum: as much... as)
unguentum unguentī n.
a fragrant ointment, unguent, or perfume
woe to, alas for
ventitō ventitāre ventitāvī ventitātus
come frequently or habitually, keep coming
venustus -a -um
lovely, attractive, charming; graceful, pretty, neat
Verāniolus -ī m.
dim. of Veranius
truly, really, actually, rightly
vēsānus -a -um
frenzied, mad, wild
vīnum vīnī n. or vīnus vīnī m.
argūtātiō argūtātionis f.
a creaking, squeaking, chattering noise
attrītus -a -um
worn away
clāmō clāmāre clāmāvī clāmātus
shout, cry out
cubīle cubīlis n.
bed, couch
dēlicia dēliciae f. (often plural)
pleasure; (pl.) pet, darling
ecfutuō -uere -uī
wear out with sexual intercourse
febrīculōsus -a -um
fragrō fragrāre fragrāvī fragrātus
to emit a smell, to smell (of both good and bad odors)
illepidus -a -um
unbecoming, ungraceful, awkward
illic illaec illuc
that person or thing (pron.)
inambulātiō -ōnis f.
walking (or similar movement)
inēlegans -antis
inelegant, clumsy
ineptiae -ārum f.
instances of folly, frivolities
latus latēris n.
side, flank
lepidus -a -um
charming, witty
to no purpose, in vain
nescioquis -qua -quid (also written as two words)
someone, something (indef. pron. or adj.)
olīvum olīvī n.
olive oil
pandō pandere pandī passus
spread out, disclose, reveal; open
uniformly, equally
pulvīnus pulvīnī m.
cushion, pillow
quatiō quatere quassī quassum
scortum scortī n.
skin, hide; prostitute, courtesan
serta -ōrum n.
chains of flowers
tremulus -a -um
shaky, trembling; shaking (voluntarily, as one dandling an infant)
versus versūs m.
a line of verse; verse, poetry
viduus -a -um
deprived of a husband or wife, bereft, celibate; (of vines, unsupported by a tree)
abeō abīre abiī abitum
go away or out
admoveō admovēre admōvī admōtus
move near, stretch out toward
caesius -a -um
having gray or gray-blue eyes; gray-eyed
cliēns clientis m.
a person attached to a patronus for legal and other protection in a semi-feudal relationship
continuus -a -um
uninterrupted, in a row, continuous
horreō horrēre horruī
bristle; shudder or tremble at, fear; regard with awe or dread
to that place, there
incommodum -ī n.
detriment, harm; pl., misfortune
ineptiae -ārum f.
in the meantime; with adversative force, in these circumstances
lēctor -ōris m.
libellus libellī m.
little book; book-shop (dim. of liber)
librārius -iī m.
scribe; book dealer
litterātor -ōris m.
school teacher
lūceō lūcēre lūxī
shine; dawn
much, very
poēta poētae m.
remūneror -ārī -ātus sum
Sāturnālia -ium n. pl.
Saturnalia; the festival of Saturn (beginning Dec. 17, a period of merriment and license)
scrīnium -iī n.
a cylindrical wooden box for holding rolled books (volumina)
suspicor suspicārī suspicātus sum
guess, infer; suspect