223 terms

Latin 102 Week 3: Catullus 14, 16, 22, 25, 27-31 (minus vocabulary from LATN101)

abeō abīre abiī abitum
go away or out; come off, turn out; escape criticism or other consequences
acinus -ī m.
admoveō admovēre admōvī admōtus
move near, stretch out toward
Adōneus -ī m.
archaic Latin form of Adonis, youth loved by Venus
aequō aequāre aequāvī aequātus
make level, even, or smooth
āerius -a -um
of the air, airy
aestuō aestuāre aestuāvī aestuātus
blaze; swelter; burn with pain or desire; toss about, seethe, writhe
albulus -a -um
white; transparent, clear, colorless (dim. of albus)
āleō āleōnis m.
a habitual gambler
Alfenus -ī m.
nomen gentile of P. Alfenus Varus and others
amārus -a -um
bitter; (of wine) dry, tart
amīculus -ī m.
friend (dim. of amicus)
amīcus amīcī m.
amnis amnis m.
ānser ānseris m.
aptus -a -um
tied, prepared, ready
Aquīnus -ī m.
name of a Roman poet.
arāneosus -a -um
attingō attingere attigī attāctus
touch; touch upon (in speaking), mention
attribuō attribuere attribuī attribūtus
assign, allot
aurifer aurifera auriferum
avītus -a -um
of a grandfather; ancestral
bāsium bāsī(ī) n.
a kiss
bellus -a -um
pretty, nice, fine, charming
Bīthÿnus -a -um
Britannia -ae f.
cachinnus cachinnī m.
laugh, guffaw; metaph. of rippling waves
caelicola -ae m./f.
an inhabitan of heaven, god or goddess
caesius -a -um
having gray or gray-blue eyes; gray-eyed
calix -icis m.
dish; drinking cup
Calvus -ī m.
cognomen of C. Licinius Calvus
capillus capillī m.
caprimulgus caprimulgī m.
goat milker
catagraphus -a -um
embroidered, colored, painted; embroidered (cloth)
Catullus -ī m.
cognomen of Gaius Valerius Catullus
certō or certē
certainly, surely
charta chartae f.
a sheet or roll of papyrus
cinaedus ī m.
a catamite or passive homosexual, one who submits to anal intercourse; an effeminate male
cinaedus -a -um
resembling or typical of a cinaedus; loosely used of a lewdly contemptible person, (fem.) slut
cliēns clientis m.
a person attached to a patronus for legal and other protection in a semi-feudal relationship
cohors cohortis f.
retinue, staff, entourage
columbus columbī m.
a male or cock pigeon
comedō comesse or comedere comēdī comēsum
eat up; squander
comō -āre -āvī -ātum
be covered with hair or foliage
conscrībillō -āre -āvī -ātum
scrawl over, cover with scribbling, mark up
continuus -a -um
uninterrupted, in a row, continuous
cubīle cubīlis n.
bed, couch
cunīculus -ī m.
decem; decimus -a -um
decet decēre decuīt
be suitable or fitting
dēvorō dēvorāre dēvorāvī dēvorātus
eat up, devour
well-spoken, quick with repartee
dictum dictī n.
anything said; word, saying
diffutūtus -a -um
subjected to widespread sexual demands; dissipated by sex; sexually overworked
dīrigō (dērigō) -ere -rēxī -rēctus
align, make straight, aim
dīva -ae f.
goddess; any female immortal, e.g., the sea nymph Thetis
ducentiēs or ducentiēns
two hundred times
ēbriosus -a -um
addicted to drink
ēbrius -a -um
intoxicated; metaph., drunk with love
any one? anybody?
interj., Alas!
elluor elluārī elluatus sum
overspend on food and luxury
erus -ī m.
expatrō -āre
waste, squander
expedītus -a -um
unencumbered; lightened, as for action or travel
expendō -ere -pendī -pēnsus
weigh; pay out
Fabullus -ī m.
a nomen gentile of the Roman gens Fabius (dim. of Fabius)
factum factī n.
deed, something done
Falernum -ī n.
Falernian wine, from a northern district of Campania
fallax -ācis
treacherous, deceptive
farciō farcīre farsī fartum
fessus -a -um
tired, exhausted
flagellum -ī n.
whip, lash; the whiplike shoot of a vine
fossor -ōris m.
a digger, agricultural laborer, ditchdigger
foveō fovēre fōvī fōtus
keep warm; cherish, coddle
gener generī m.
Hibērus -ī m.
of Iberia, Spanish
horreō horrēre horruī
bristle; shudder or tremble at, fear; regard with awe or dread
thither, to that place
immemor -oris
forgetful, heedless, feckless
impudīcus -a -um
sexually immoral, licentious
īmulus -a -um
lowest, deepest
incitō incitāre incitāvī incitātus
incite, provoke, stir
incommodum -ī n.
detriment, harm; pl., misfortune
ineptiae -ārum f.
instances of folly, frivolities
ineptus -a -um
foolish, gauche, awkward
īnfacētus -a -um
boorish, gauche
ingerō -ere -gessī -gestus
bring in, pour
contrary to custom; immoderately; arrogantly
īnsula īnsulae f.
in the meantime; with adversative force, in these circumstances
invīsō -ere -vīsī -vīsus
go to see; look upon
involō -āre -āvī -ātum
fly at, swoop down upon (to steal)
irritus (inritus) -a -um
not ratified, null and void; empty, unfulfilled, vain
irrumō irrumāre irrumāvī irrumātus
to force someone to give oral sex (fellatio), as a means of humiliating him
lacus lacūs m.
laetus -a -um
glad, happy
lancinō lanciānre lancinātus
tear to pieces, mangle
lāneus -a -um
languidus -a -um
weary, drooping, flaccid
Lār Laris m.
household god
latusculum -ī n.
side, flank (dim. of latus)
lēctor -ōris m.
lentus -a -um
supple, pliant; slow, taking one's time, unconcerned, at ease
lepor lepōris m.
charm, grace, wit; term of endearment
libellus libellī m.
little book; book-shop (dim. of liber)
libet (libēre) libuit libitum est
intr. w/ dat. of person pleased: to be pleasing
librārius -iī m.
scribe; book dealer
linquō linquere līquī
leave, quit
liqueō liquēre licuī/liquī
liquid, flowing; clear, transparent
litterātor -ōris m.
far, for a great distance or time; by far, to a considerable degree
lōrum lōrī n. or lorus -ī m.
a leather strap for tying
lucellum -ī n.
a small profit (dim. of lucrum)
lūceō lūcēre lūxī
shine; dawn
lumbus lumbī m.
groin, pl. loins
Lȳdius -a -um.
Lydian, of Lydia
lympha -ae f.
a water nymph; (poet.) water
magistra -ae f.
mistress, i.e., woman in charge
mālus -ī m.
Māmurra -ae m.
name of a family at Formiae
mantica manticae f.
mās maris
a male
medulla medullae f.
the marrow of the bones; the interior, inside, seat of the emotions
membrāna membrānae f.
sheepskin or goatskin used as parchment or as a cover for manuscripts
Memmius -iī m.
Roman nomen gentile
mentula mentulae f.
merus -a -um
pure, undiluted (esp. of wine)
migrō migrāre migrāvī migrātus
move, migrate
minister ministrī m.
servant, attendant, acolyte
minūtus -a -um
molliculus -a -um
somewhat voluptuous, unmanly, or erotic (dim. of mollis)
mulierārius -a -um
belonging to a woman, sent by a woman
adj. & more
nebula -ae f.
mist, cloud
Neptūnus -ī m.
Neptune or Poseidon, god of the sea; the sea
nequeō nequīre nequiī/nequīvī nequitum
to be unable (to)
nihilum/nīlum nihilī/nīlī n.
nothing; abl. w/ adv. Force, an emphatic form of non: not at all
no wonder, doubtless
nōbilis nōbile
well-known, famous, illustrious
occidēns -entis
the region where the sun sets, the west
ocellus ocellī m.
eye; as term of endearment, darling (dim. of oculus)
opprobrium -ī n.
shame, disgrace
oricilla -ae f.
a little ear (dim. of auris)
oscitō -āre -āvī -ātum
palimpsēstus palimpsēstī m.
a palimpsest, papyrus recycled by erasure to make a low-cost writing material
pallium palli(ī) n.
a rectangular cloth worn as an outer garment, Gk. himation
parum; minus; minimē
too little; not at all
pathicus -a -um
a pathic or catamite, one who submits to anal sex
patrimōnium patrimōni(ī) n.
estate, fortune
pēdīcō -āre -āvī -ātum
sodomize, bugger, or inflict anal sex upon a person (sts. as a way of humiliating him)
pēnis -is m.
tail; penis
perambulō perambulāre perambulāvī perambulātus
walk around in; make a tour of
perscrībō perscrībere perscrīpsī perscrīptum
write out in full, finish writing
pilōsus -a -um
hairy, shaggy
Pīsō -onis m.
cognomen of the Gens Calpurnia
poēma -atis n.
poēta poētae m.
Ponticus -a -um
of or on the Black Sea
Postumius -ī m.
name of a Roman gens
praeda praedae f.
booty, prey
prūriō prūrīre
itch, tingle; have a sexual craving, be sexually excited
pūmex pūmicis m. (f. in Catullus)
pumice or any similar volcanic rock, used to smooth the ends of book-rolls
rel. as much as
rapax -ācis
predatory, rapacious
reglūtinō -āre -āvī -ātum
unglue, unstick
remūneror -ārī -ātus sum
Remus -ī m.
brother of Romulus, legendary founder of Rome
retrahō -ere -trāxī -trāctus
drag backwards; withdraw
rūrsus or rūrsum
back again; contrariwise
rūs rūris n.
country, boondocks
Saetabus -a -um
of or made in Saetabis, a town in Hispania Tarraconensis (cf. mod. Tarragona)
sāl salis m.
salt; fig., of a quality that gives character and flavor, wit; by metonymy, the sea
salveō -ēre
greetings! hail!
sarcinula -ae f.
a light knapsack
Sāturnālia -ium n. pl.
the festival of Saturn, beginning Dec. 17, a period of merriment and license
scrīnium -iī n.
a cylindrical wooden box for holding rolled books (volumina)
scurra scurrae f.
a fashionable man about town
senex senis m.
old man
sevērus -a -um
austere, stern, strict, grave
sinister -a -um
left; harmful, perverse, misguided
Sirmiō -ōnis f.
mod. Sermione, a long promontory running out into Lacus Benacus (mod. Lago di Garda)
situs sitūs m.
stagnation, mold, rust, decrepitude
socer socerī m.
sodālis sodālis m.
crony, buddy, comrade
stagnum stagnī n.
any expanse of standing water: pool, lagoon, lake
sūdārium sūdāri(ī) n.
a cloth carried to wipe off sweat (sudor), also used as a napkin
Suffēnus -ī m.
name of a Roman poet
Sulla -ae m.
a Roman cognomen
superfluō superfluere superflūxī superflūxus
overflow; be or have more than enough
supīnus -a -um
lying on the back; facing upwards; flat; helpless
suspicor suspicārī suspicātus sum
guess, infer; suspect
Tagus -ī m.
the Tagus (mod. Tajo) river, which flowes west through central Spain and empties into the Atlantic near mod. Lisbon, Portugal
pron. such a quantity, so much; acc. as to such a degree; only; tantum ... quantum: as much .. as
tergum tergī n. or tergus -oris n.
back; hide from an animal's back
Thallus -ī m.
a praenomen
Thyōniānus -ī m.
an adherent of Bacchus
Thÿnia -ae f.
the country of the Thyni; Bithynia
Thÿnus -a um
trabs trabis f.
tree trunk, timber; by metonymy, boat; penis, "shaft"
300 times
trītus -a -um
in an unbecoming or disgraceful manner
umbilīcus umbilīcī m.
navel; the ornamental end of the cylinder on which a papyrus roll is wound
ūnanimus -a -um
sharing a single attitude, like-minded
ūnctus -a -um
greasy, well-oiled, rich
unguis -is m.
fingernail, claw, talon
ūnicus -a -um
one and only, singular, unique, special
vappa -ae f.
flat wine; masc., a person who had gone flat, a nerd or dud
Vārus -ī m.
friend of Catullus
vāstus -a -um
desolate, uninhabited, featureless, dreary, endless
Vatīniānus -ī m.
of or pertaining to Publius Vatinius
venustus -a -um
lovely, attractive, charming; graceful, pretty, neat
Verānius -iī m.
friend of Catullus
verpa -ae f.
penis with foreskin drawn back; erect penis
versiculus versiculī m.
light verse, a short line of verse, epigrammatic verse (dim. of versus)
versus versūs m.
a line of verse; verse, poetry
vēsāniō -īre
vetulus -a -um
old (dim. of vetus)
vīnum vīnī n. or vīnus vīnī m.
vorāx vorācis m.
ravenous, insatiable