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in the gospels

how is the christian moral life portrayed?

in the form of grace

In the Gospels, how does help come to us?

we need help

in reading the Gospels, we realize that if we are to live as Jesus lived, then __


how many types of grace are there?

sanctifying and actual

what are the two types of grace?


which grace confers to our soul a life of sharing in the life of god?


which grace is the divine life within us?


which grace is the beginning of heaven?


which grace is the the seed of eternal life?


which grace has to deal with divinity?


grace is a __


which grace is the supernatural help of God that enlightens our minds?


which grace strenghtens our will to do good and avoid evil?


which grace helps us to obtain and preserve sanctifying grace?

actual; sanctifying

__ preserves __

the requirements are above human strenght and beyond natural human accomplishment

why do we need help?


what is the christian moral life based on?

cardinal and theological

what are the two types of virtue?


which virtue is the foundation of all other moral virtues?


which virtues enable us to share in the divine life of God?

prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance

what are the four cardinal virtues?


wise choices







faith, hope, love

what are the three theological virtues?


enables us to firmly believe, in the word of God, all of the truths that God has revealed


enables us to firmly trust that God will give us eternal life in Heaven and the means to obtain it


aka Charity: enables us to __ God above all things for God's own sake, and to __ our neighbors as ourselves for the __ of God, passion

first affects the person

christiam morality __ and then the action

action; being

__ follows __

action follows being

because __, one cannot give to others what one does not have; for example one cannot give forgiveness if one does not have forgiveness


the action of mercy will follow the attitude of being merciful


the heart of christian morality reflects the interior attitude of the christian

heart; attitude

Beatitudes: the __ of christian morality reflects the interior __ of the christian

external, physical

action is __

internal, spiritual

being is __

being (inside first)

which is first action or being?

transforms first the soul

christian morality __ and then the moral appearance

the heart

the "interior" of a person where the moral life develops


the __ of a person where the moral life develops

where the moral life develops

the interior of a person __

tthoughs, will, emotions

the heart is our __, our __, and our __.

attitudes of the person

christian morality ecompasses the ___

out of habits

where does an attitude of a person come from?


the first step to being a morally good person

good habits yeild good attitudes

__ yields __


we establish good habits with the aid of the sacrament of __

ought to be done

christian morality accounts for what is forbiddne, but stress more what __

love of others, self, and God

Christian morality is about __

positive and negative

two types of morality


christian morality is motivated by love of God to do what we out to do


motivation to do good based on fear of punishment

sins of omission

failure to do good


sins of __ are to be taken seriously

more a message of salvation; laws

chirstianity is __ than of morality but the saving message includes __

reward and punishment

christian morality includes both __

heaven and hell

real realms of human existence that correspond to the good or bad conduct of each person during their life

real realms of human existance

heaven and heal are __

morality for freedom

christian morality is __.

actions; holiness

christian morality requires not only just __, but __

the call to sainthood

all christians are called to the fullness of holiness


the bar is raised high for christians

perfect, human, divine

we have to be __, __, and __

fulfilled on earth

christian morality is __, but it pertains to the next life

pertains to the next life

christian morality is fulfilled on earth, but __


christian morality finds its beginning and end in __

beginning and end

christian morality finds its __ in love

mass and sacraments

christian morality finds its nourishment in __


christian morality finds its __ in mass and sacraments


the sacrament of sacraments

sacrament of sacraments

the eucharist

the life of the Chruch

the Eucharistic sacrifice is the __

the Eucharistic sacrifice

__ is the life of the Church

cardinal virtues

foundation of all otehr moral virtues

theological virtues

enable us to share in the divine life of God

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