incorrect answers to MBT Questions

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Could Be true or Likely to Be True

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because it fails the Fact Test

Exaggerated Answers

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because it stretches stimulus statement into a broader statement not supported by stimulus.

"New" Information Answers

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because
right answer must be based on direct info from stimulus or from combining stimulus statements.

The Shell Game

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because
it is a similar idea mentioned in the stimulus but changed enough in the answer to make it incorrect (but still attractive).

The Opposite Answer

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because
answer states facts completely opposite to stimulus facts. Usually quick readers fall into this trap.

The Reverse Answer

Incorrect Answer to MBT Q because
Familiar elements appear in the answer but they are rearranged to create new, unsupported statement.

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