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the ph of a substance is represented as a number between 0 and
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water is an example ofan inorganic moleculeacids are also called proton ______donorsBiomolecules always contain ______carbon and hydrogenwater is present in three phases; gas, liquid, and _____solidtrue or false: lipids are polymersfalseprostaglandins and leukotrienes are examples of lipids called ________eicosanoidsidentify the true statements regarding hydrophobic moleculesThey do not dissolve in water. They are water-fearingDNA stands fordeoxyribonucleic acidtrue or false: phospholipids are amphipathic moleculestrueThe fatty acid is ___ if it lacks double bonds.saturatedidentify the functions of liquid water-water cushions the force of sudden body movements -unwanted substances are eliminated from the body through water -substances are dissolved in water and transported around the bodyMonomers within RNA and DNA are linked together through a special type of covalent bond called a ______ bond.phosphodiesteridentify the true statements regarding RNA-can be found in cells nucleus and cytoplasm -it stands for ribonucleic acidsodium hydroxide (NaOH) is an example of a ___strong base_______ are substances that can conduct an electrical current when they dissolve and dissociate in waterelectrolyteidentify the categories of amino acidscharged polar nonpolarsubstances that dissolve in water are called ______hydrophilicsurfactant decreases surface tension, keeps our _____ from collapsinglungsA _____ is a substance that helps to prevent pH changesbuffertrue or false: the quaternary is the simplest level of protein organizationfalsethe spiral coil, called an alpha helix,is an example of the _____ structure of a proteinsecondaryWhich of the following can be organized as polymers?Nucleic acids Carbohydrates ProteinsThe final 3-dimensional shape of a polypeptide chain is the ___ level of protein structure.tertiaryone water molecule can bind to another water molecule through ___ bondshydrogensteroids are made of _______ attached carbon rings4a hydrolysis reaction resulting in the release of adipose connective tissue into the blood is called ______lipolysiswhen water disassociates water molecules can pick up an additional hydrogen atom. a water molecule with an extra hydrogen atom is called a _______ ionhydroniumidentify the lipid that is most common in living thingstiyglyceridesATP contains the nitrogenous base _______adedinepolypeptides are composed of between ______ and ______ amino acids21; 199a basic solution is neutralized by adding _______an acididentify the type of sugar found in DNAdeoxyribosesalt water is an example ofsolutionlipid molecules with carbohydrates attached are called ________glycolipidthe linear sequence of amino acids is the ______ protein structureprimaryspecific heat is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of _______ gram(s) of a substance by ______ degree(s) Celsius.1; 1the most common monosaccharide isglucoseprotein function may be terminated because its conformation was changed. this is called _______denaturationwhen salts dissociate they create anions and ______cationsAlanine and Leucine are examples of ________ amino acidsnonpolarSpecific heat is measured incaloriesphospholipids are amphiphathic molecules. what portion of the molecules have contact with water?headwhich of the following is true of amphipathic molecules?they have polar and nonpolar regionsosmolarity is the number of particles in a 1 ______ solutionliterdisaccharides are composed of ___ simple sugars.2identify the pH of human blood7.4which statement is true regarding collagen?it forms ligament and tendonsmixing water and oil together is an example of aemulsiona water molecule is _______ from/to the reactants during condensationlost