Blizzard! ch. 5- 8 and notes


Terms in this set (...)

sentiments (p. 59)
views or attitudes toward a situation or event; opinions
administered (p. 65)
provided or applied a drug or remedy
wretched (p. 71)
in a very unhappy or unfortunate condition
tenement (p. 72)
a room or set of rooms in a house or block of apartments
malodorous (p. 73)
giving off a very unpleasant smell
statutes (p. 85)
written laws passed by a council or legislature
reminiscent (p. 89)
tending to recall or suggest something in the past
floes (p. 91)
sheets of floating ice
entrepreneurs (p. 94)
people who organize and operate businesses, taking on greater risk than usual
disgruntled (p. 104)
angry or dissatisfied
averted (p. 105)
turned away one's eyes or thoughts
demise (p. 108)
the death of someone or something
plight (128)
a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation
infrastructure (p.129)
the basic equipment and structures needed for a country, region, or organization to work