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Students preparing for the 8th Grade Computer Skills Test in North Carolina.


A person who secretly gains access to computer files without permission


A computer program designed specifically to damage computer files


A computer program designed to find viruses and repair files

Stand Alone

A computer that does not depend on any other computer or server to operate


The security protection to allow access to a computer programs


A harmful computer files that goes through a computer and possibly a network

Online Resource

The information available to be computer user on the Internet

Acceptable Use Policy

A set of rules and guidelines set up to regulate Internet use and to also protect the user


Protection of computer, computer files or a computer network


The willful act of puposely destroying computer files or computer network


Term given to the global network of computers that provide information to people world wide


Freedom from the attention of others being intruded upon by others or being observed


Technology that protects users from visiting inappropriate web sites and protects the network from unauthorized users


Computers that are linked together with special cable that allow them talk to each other


A special computer that is used to store programs and then sends it out to other computers one at a time or all at the same time

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