20 terms


A contract that cannot by its own terms be performed within a year bust be in writing to be enforceable.
A promise to an answer for the debt of another must always be in writing to be enforceable.
A promise on which a promise justifiably relies on his or her detriment will not be enforced unless it is in writing.
If a party admits in pleadings that a contract was made, it may be enforceable even if it was oral
Oral contracts that are not enforceable under the UCC include those for customized goods.
A contract for a transfer of an interest in land need not to be in writing to be enforceable
To be enforceable a contract for a sale of goods priced at $300 or more must be in writing.
The only writing sufficient to satisfy the Statue of Frauds is a printed form, with the heading "contract" signed at the bottom of all parties
The parol evidence rule permits the introduction at trial of evidence of the parties' negotiations or agreements that contradicts or varied their contract.
An oral contract that should be in writing to be enforceable may be enforceable if it has been partially performed.
Jim orally promises to work for Pat, and Pat orally promises to employ Jim at a rate of $500 a week. This contract must be in writing to be enforceable if Jim promises to work for
at least 5 years
Standard Business Co. agrees to hire time as a sales rep for 6 months. their contract is oral. this contract is enforceable by
Standard or Tim
Gamma co. and Omega Corp. enter into an oral contract for the sale of a warehouse Before Omega takes possession, this contract is enforceable by:
neither Gamma or Omega.
Delta Co. contracts with Eagle, inc. to buy computers. the contract is most likely enforceable against Eagle if Delta offers as proof of agreement
a sales slip signed by Eagle.
Investors Inc. contracts with J&J to buy J&J's warehouse. the contract is most likely enforceable against J&J if investors offers proof of the agreement by
a. a blank sheet of J&J stationary.
b. J&J business card.
c. photos of the warehouse from Investors employee.
Jack and Kim enter into a contract for Jack's sale to Kim of ten computers for $500 each. After Kim takes possession, before payments made it is enforceable
whether it is oral or in writing
Ed borrows $1,000 from First State Bank. Fran orally promises the bank that she will repay debt if Ed does not. It is enforceable by:
neither Ed. nor First State bank
Greg agrees to make bookshelves for Holly, who tells Ira that she will guarantee payment for whatever supplies Greg orders form Ira for the shelves. Holly's promise is enforceable
whether it is oral or in writing
Under written agreement Ida sells a motel to Joyce. When Ida removes furniture, Joy sues. The court says written agree. includes everything parties intended. Which agree about furniture will be allowed.
a subsequent oral agreement only.
warehouse inc. orally contracts for a lease of its storage facilities to Xtra Co. Xtra pays part of price, takes possession and makes permanent improvements. The contract is most likely enforceable against:
Warehouse and Xtra