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Abeka Investigating God's World Quiz 16 (6.4-6.6)


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water wheel
a wheel of blades, scoops, or paddles that is rotated by the force of moving water
the Greeks and Romans
At least a hundred years before the birth of Christ, ____________ thought of using the power of moving water to turn the blades of a water wheel.
power/ machines work
The water wheel supplied the ___________ to turn a main shaft, which, through a system of gears and pulleys, made the _______________/
has a definite shape
are thicker and heavier than gases, and they have more tendency to stay together than gases do.
The tendency of gases to float away and spread themselves out thinly in their surroundings is called __________.
water melts and freezes
water boils and condenses
boiling point
A substance changes from a liquid into a gas at its ____________.
condensation point
A substance changes from a gas into a liquid at its ____________.
water wheel (study diagram on page 167)
water wheel (study diagram on page 167)