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U1 - family and friends


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a lifelong friend
friend you have had for most of your life
a relationship of trust
a connection with smn in which you have faith and confidence
a shoulder to cry on
someone to sympathize with you
close knit family
close family with common interests
extended family
erweiterte Familie (uncles, aunts, cousins)
immediate family
engste Angehörige
long-term relationship
langzeitige (verpflichtende) Beziehung
nurture our friendship
looking after our relationship with friends
share a common background
share a similar heritage or culture
share the same ideas
to have similat opinions and views
stand the test of time
sich bewähren (to last a long time)
struck up a friendship
to make friends
to enjoy smn's company
to enjoy spending time with smn
to have a lot in common
viel gemeinsam haben
to hit it off
sich auf Anhieb gut verstehen
to keep in touch with
to keep in contact
to lose touch with
to lose contact