19 terms

Science Chapter 4

half of the earth
the north star
occurs twice a year
winter solstice
has the shortest number of daylight hours
summer solstice
has the longest number of daylight hours
two north's
geographic and magnetic
Tropic of Cancer
23 1/2 degrees North latitude
Tropic of Capricorn
23 1/2 degrees South latitude
zero degrees latitude
tilt of the earth
causes the seasons
How many degrees in the earth's tilt?
23 1/2 degrees
How often does an equinox happen?
twice a year
When it is summer in the northern hemisphere, what is is in the southern?
What happens during an equinox?
12 hours of day and 12 hours of night
Does the earth wobble?
Yes it wobbles on its axis
vernal equinox
spring, March 21
autumnal equinox
fall, September 21
What is magnetic north?
where the compass points
What is geographic north?
where the earth axis points