Prefix: co, com, con,col (with or together)

17 terms by ajoycetb Teacher

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to live together without any problems; to be together in the same time or place


sticking together


a sequence of events happening together that although accidental seems to have planned or arranged


to put two things together


to feel sorry for someone, something, or a situation; students can commiserate about homework or a serious event


a group of people who meet together to discuss a topic


the act of talking with someone and discussing something together


a place where people live together


to put things together to see how they are the same


able to live together and get along; things that can go together without problems, the roommates were compatible


to gather things together

co-ed (coeducational)

males and females going to school together, some colleges are not co-ed (Barnard, Simmons, Smith etc)


to work together or help people work together, also a term used in math on a graph


to agree with another person's opinion


when cars collide they bump into each other, cars come together-collision (noun)


to plan together secretly


to sign with another person (called a co-signer), if you are under 18 you need a co-signer, if you need a loan you will need a cosigner

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