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22 terms

Subjunctive Cues with emotions and conjuctions-English

Alegrarse de que
to be happy that
Es sorprendente que
it is surprising that
Sorprender que
to be surprised that
es triste que
it is sad that
temer que
to fear that
tener miedo que
to be afraid that
me gusta que
I like that
tener celos que
to be jealous that
enojarse que
to be mad that
sentir que
to feel that
es una pena que
it is a pain that
a menos que
con tal de que
on the condition that
para que
so that
después de que
after that
antes de que
before that
en caso de que
in case that
hasta que
sin que
a fin de que
in order that
tan pronto como
as soon as