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NSE Level 3- Likes and Dislikes


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Me gusta
I like
Me encanta
I adore, I love
to love (in a spiritual sense)
to love (in a romantic sense)
to value
to appreciate
Es formidable
It's formidable
Es extraordinario
It's extraordinary
Es maravilloso
It's marvelous, It's wonderful
Es sensacional
It's sensational
Es fabuloso
It's fabulous
Es increíble
It's incredible
Es estupendo
It's stupendous
Es magnífico
It's magnificent
Soy muy aficionado al
I'm a fan of
Soy fanatic del
I'm a fanatic about
Soy loco por
I'm crazy about
No me gusta (nada)
I don't like it (at all)
No me cae bien
It doesn't fit well with me
Lo odio
I hate it `
Francamente, lo detesto
Frankly, I detest it
Me vuelve loco
It drives me crazy
No me hace nada
It doesn't do anything for me
Es una porquería
It's filthy, dirty
Me da asco
It disgusts me
Estoy ya harto
I'm up to here with it
Es el colmo
That's it (the limit)
No lo puedo aguantar
I can't handle it
Es feo
It's ugly
Es desagradable
It's unpleasant
Es horrible
It's horrible
Es un horror
It's horrible
Es asqueroso
It's disgusting
Es repugnante
It's repugnant
Es un desastre
It's a disaster
No me interesa
It doesn't interest me
Me aburre
It bores me
Me enfada
It angers me
Qué pesado es
How boring it is
Qué aburrido
How boring
Me molesta
It bothers me
Me enoja
It makes me mad
Me enfurece
It infuriates me
Me da rabia
It enrages me