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the expansion of the US socially and economically


Reporters who dug up stories that were usually hushed up by either government or business owners, sometimes went under cover

Laissez Faire

the idea that the government should intervene as little as possible in social and economic issues

JP Morgan

huge influence economically and politically in charge of lots of big monopolies and trusts including Northern Securities


control of all or almost all of a good or a service

Northern Securities

huge railroad from Chicago to Seattle; controlled by JP Morgan

Square Deal

government operates fairly, or just a good deal for all sides

Boone and Crockett club

a club formed by TR and Grinnel, which supported forest management, clean water, and restricted use of natural resources: fought for Yellowstone

Reclamation service on 1902

agency that used dams to make dry farmland usable

John Muir

a friend of TR; a conservationist helped add Yosemite valley and Marisopa Sequoia Grove into the protected area.

Pure Food and Drug Act

act that required companies to have a more sanitary production of the food

Meat Inspection Act

act that made better working conditions for employees, better government inspections, and helped set good sanitary standards

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