english streetcar vocab 1-29


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Sentient: adj
sensitive to perception or feeling
Trollop: noun
disreputable woman especially one who engages in sex promiscuously or for money
Gallant: adj
spirited, brave
Conspicuous: adj
obvious to the eye or mind; attracting attention
Dichotomoty: noun
something with seemingly contradictory qualities
Self-delusion: noun
something falsely believe about oneself
Populace: noun
the people; the masses
feverish (10): adj
emotional; passionate
vivacity (10): n
energy; cheer
reproach: v
condemn; criticize
ominously: adv
threateningly; forebodingly
gander: n
a quick look
cheat; deceive
preen: v
groom; primp
judicial: adj
legal; analytical
abscond[ing]: v
disappear; escape; flee
improvident: adj
reckless; wasteful
lurid: adj
gruesome; horrifying
portieres: n
curtains hung across doorways
reverence: n
respect; adoration
grappling: n
struggling; grasping
pinioned: adj
restrain by holding arms
dissonant: adj
unharmonious; incompatible
Whelp: n
dog or wolf offspring
diffidently: adv
incredulously: adv
with surprise; skeptically
stealthily: adv
secretively; slyly
gravely: adv