Astronomy Semester 1 Exam

Chinese used rockets for fireworks
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Pseudoscience can be proven with the scientific methodFalseIn the scientific method, a hypothesis must be testedTrueThe celestial sphere actually existsFalseWe have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night on a solsticeFalseThere are 12 zodiac signsTrueYou can see the southern cross from BrazilTrueThere are 12 time zones on EarthfalseSome planets exhibit retrograde motion in the skyTrueThe ancients thought Zues put many constellations in the skytrueNo new discovering are currently being made in astronomyfalseMost ancient cultures studied the skytrueVery few ancient cultures used the sky to tell timefalseVulcan is an actual planet that orbits inside MercuryFalseTycho Brahe first used the telescope to observe the heavens.FalseAristotle believed in geocentric systemTrueAccording to "Cosmos", Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresytrueTycho brahe supported the heliocentric systemfalseKepler used epicycles to explain retrograde motionfalseGalileo was the first known scientist to observe sunspotstruethe ancient chinese observed a supernova in the skytrueAll electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed in a vacuumtrueRadio waves are the shortest electromagnetic wavesfalsea parsec is a unit of timefalseGalileo first used the telescope to observe the heavensturea reflecting telescope is composed of two lensesfalseHeat is radiated as uv raysfalseon the moon, your weight decreases but your mass stays the same.trueastronauts on the space station are weightless due to no gravity in spacefalseGamma rays are used to sterilize medical equipmenttrueAn electromagnetic wave consists of an electric field vibrating at right angles to a magnetic fieldtrueFirst group of US astronautsMercury 7First person in SpaceYuri GagarinFather of modern rocketryRobert GoddardWhich mission didn't land on the moonApollo 13Which mission failure did not cost the lives of astronautsApollo 13Which space probe will not leave the solar systemJunoWhich science fiction movie did not depict American astronauts exploring spaceStar WarsWhich planet has been orbited by a space probe from EarthSaturnNext US space program is namedProject OrionWhich US Program performed the first rendezvous between two spacecraftWhich Russian space capsule is still being used for missions todaySoyuzThe first American space station wasSkylabWhich of the following is not the name of a spaceshuttleFreedomWho was the second person on the moonWhy did America stop going to the moonBudget cuts and the public's lack of interestWernher von BraunA Nazi scientist, head of US space program, inventor of the V2The Russians were ahead of the US in every accomplishment exceptlanding a person on the moonThe space shuttle accomplished all of these exceptthe ISS stands forInternational Space StationWhich of the following can be payload of a rocketNuclear warhead, manned space capsule, unmanned space probeIf the earth's tild was 35 instead of 22 we would havemore seasonal changeWhen the moon is between the Earth and the sun (but not in the same place)new moonIn order to have a twelve hour day, the earth would have torotate fasterThe moons period of revolution around the earth isthe same as its rotationUrsa Major is also known asBig dipperCastor and Pollux are twin stars ofGeminiWhich of the following is not a zodiac constellationHerculesWhich planet can not be seen with the naked eyeNeptuneA space rock that lands on Earth is called ameteoritePlanetsmove across the sky relative to the starsPrecession isTo have a solar eclipse, the sun, moon, and the earth are in this ordersun-moon-earthWhen is the next leap year2020The most readily observed motion of a celestial object is produced bythe rotation of the EarthIn order for a solar eclipse to occur, the moon must benear new moonIf the moon did not rotate we would observethe solar day is4 minutes longer than the sidereal dayIn astronomy, which term refers specifically to the orbital motion of one body around another astronomical bodyrevolutionthe north star is also known asPolarisWhat objects in the night sky appeared so infrequently that they were often seen as a bad omencometsIn current scientific opinion, stonehenge is considered to have beenan astronomical observatorythe astronomer tycho brahe was known for hisaccurate observations of planet positionsthe discovery that planets move in elliptical orbits was made bykeplerPtolemy and copernicus bothmade very accurate predictions of planetary motionif a planet has an average distance from the sun of 4 AU, what is its period8The first person known to have looked at the heavens through a telescope wasGalileoOccams razor expresses the idea that if you have two competing theories trying to explain the same observes phenomenon, the one that is most likely to be correct isthe simplest theorythe distance between the Earth and the Sun is calledAUWhich of the following did not believe in the heliocentric modelaristotleKeplers laws of motion imply that comets with highly elliptical orbits willwhat did galileo not seeUranus"I heard the learn'd astronomer" was written bywalt whitmanwhich of the following is the best summary of keplers 3rd lawthe farther a planet is from the sun, the shorter the period of revolutionGalileo first discovered the moons of which planet to help the acceptance of the Copernican systemJupiterNewton discovered that gravity can be described asa universal attraction between massesAs viewed from the Earth, some planets appear to double back in their orbits for a while, this is due tothe planets are in orbit about the sun rather than about the earthancient astronomers used epicycles to explainretrograde motionWhich planet was discovered mathematically before it was observedEinstein's theory of general relativity was used to explain the orbit ofKeplers first law says that the planets move in elliptical orbits with the sun at one focus of the ellipse. What is the other focus?Empty spaceThe nucleus of an atom is made up of which of the followingprotons and neutronswhich is not an electromagnetic wavesoundan object launched into orbits needs a speedat escape velocityElectromagnetic waves do not need a ______ to travelmediumTwo baseballs are thrown at different speeds. which of these is truethe faster baseball has more kinetic energytwo asteroids approach earth at the same speed which is truecompared to the earth your mass in deep space isthe samethe most useful unit for measuring distance between planets isAUWhich property is the same for all electromagnetic wavesspeedthe common states of matter aresolid, liquid, gas, and plasmaThe most common optical telescope used today arereflectingthe earth absorbs more radiant energy than it emits. This is thought to causeGlobal warmingThe sun warming the Earth is an example ofradiant energyThe thermal energy of an object caused by vibrating molecules is an example ofpotential energywhich of the following is in the proper order from low energy to high energymicrowaves, visible light, X-raysWho is credited with the theory of universal gravitationIsaac NewtonWhy do astronauts on the space station floatfree fallHow many more missions are scheduled to service the Hubble space TelescopeWhich of the following can only be effectively detected by a telescope in spaceAUDistance from Sun to EarthParsecDistance at which the radius of the earth's orbit subtends an angle of one second arc.Light yearDistance light travels in a yearEmitted during nuclear reactionGammaTV broadcast signalsRadiowavesGiven off by hot objectsInfaredEmitted during nuclear reactiongammaUsed to warm up water and foodMicrowavesCauses sun tans and burnsUltravioletUsed to look for broken bonesX-rayFirst American in spaceAlan ShepardFirst American to orbit EarthJohn GlennFirst American to spacewalkEd WhiteFirst person to walk on the moonNeil ArmstrongSurvived Apollo 13 disasterJim LovellCassiniSaturnJunoJupiterMagellanVenusNew HorizonsPlutoVikingMarsAriesRamCancerCrabCygnusSwanLeoLionTaurusBullCopernicusHeliocentricEinsteinTheory of general relativityKeplerLaws of planetary motionNewtonUniversal GravitationPtolemyGeocentricGeocentricGreeksGreat PyramidEgyptiansMachu PicchuIncasStonehengeCeltsZodiac ConstellationsBabylonians