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  1. radiation
  2. thermal energy
  3. specific heat formula
  4. conduction
  5. convection
  1. a energy transfers from atom to atom as they vibrate and collide
  2. b Q=mCp(triangle)t
  3. c energy transferred through electromagnetic waves
  4. d energy generated by atom movement
  5. e energy transfers through density differences

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  1. the changing of a solid to a liquid
  2. unit of heat energy
  3. energy that is a better alternative than what is being used to produce energy
    ex/ fossil fuels, coal
  4. the changing of gas or vapor to a liquid
  5. quantity of heat energy needed to raise 1 gram of a substance 1 degree celsius

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  1. electromagnetic energyenergy given off in waves


  2. latent heat formulaQ=mCp(triangle)t


  3. solar energyenergy transferred from high to low temp.


  4. dynamic equilibriumwhen a region gains and loses equal amounts of energy


  5. sublimationthe changing of a gas directly to a solid or a solid directly to a gas without passing through a liquid state