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Thesis:Construct and Optimize itaconic acid synthesis pathway in yeast
1. cell stain
2. construct:cad A
3. optimize:acetyl-CoA
mutate the bacteria and convert into yeast
5. flask experiment and sample
6. analyze with HPLC and spectrophotometer
7. come to an conclusion
8. what we can do to improve it
Gene Engineering
1. cut;insert;convert;multiply;select
2. PCR:denature;anneal;elongate and repeat steps
3. Promoter Lactose:induced by IPTG and Glycose-repression resistant

Metabolism Engineering:examples and literatures,more analysis,fewer techniques.
Molecular Experiment
upper stream:
construct engineering-bacteria of lipase
lower stream:
inducement,bioseperation,denature and renature,purification and analysis
denature and renature:mix with urea and dilute with Tris-HCl buffer
purification:ion exchange/affinity chromatography
analysis:electrophoresis,western blotting
Cell Biology Experiment
1. transfection:liposome with gene encoding fluorescent protein
2. culture:with or without serum,sterile environment
3. digest:PBS;Tryspin-EDTA;serum
4. convent:freeze slowly and thaw quickly
5. living cells: MTT dark blue and dissolve in DSMO spectrophotometer
6. mitochondria observation:Jenner Green B
Modern Biochemical Technology
1. primary Gene Engineering
2. bioseperation:extract,filter,centrifuge,salt out,dialysis,chromatography
3. cell disrupt:ultrasonic,grind,osmotic lysis
4. analyze:electrophoresis,immuno assays:ELISA Western blotting
5. Western:electrophoresis;transfer;block;immuno;develop color

Bioassay Technology:an English version of MBT
Fermentation Engineering
1. common process
2. conditions
3. feeding
Microbiology Experiment
1. basic operations:sterilize,inoculate,wrap the equipments,make the medium,convent
2. Gram stain test:crystal violet;immobilize with iodide(G+);alcohol;safranin(G-)
3. concentration:the degree of turbidity,spectrophotometer
Molecular Biology
1. Central Dogma
2. replicate:base complement;RNA primer;Okazaki
3. transcript:transcription bubble
4. reverse-transcript
5. modificate:exotron,intron,selected expression
6. translate
1. acellular:virus,subvirus:viroids,satellite RNA,prion
2. attach;inject;multiply;integrate(lysogenesis)/mature;release(lysis)
3. prokaryotes:bacteria,archaebacteria
4. classify:shape,Gram stain test,spore
5. eukaryotes:mold,yeast,fungi,algae
6. mycoplasma,chlamydia
7. growth curve:lag;log;stationary:death/decline
1. Protein is the most important.
structure,amino acids,turn/helix,spatial,subunit
function,sickle cell anemia,hemoglobin
2. Nucleic Acid is the most fundemental.
structure,sulfa drugs,HAT medium
Cell Engineering
1. theory
2. appliance
stem cells,embryonic stem cells,iPSCs
protein products,monoclonal antibodies
Cell Biology
1. molecule level:signal pathway,cascade reaction
2. ultrastructure level:organelle:mitochondria
respiratory chain,cristae
3. whole cell level:cell differentiation,programmed lysis,telomere
Introduce to Physiology,Microbiology,Cell Biology.
Biology Experiment
1. Cell Observation:onion skin cells,oral skin cells
2. Dissection:ascarid,earthworm,crayfish,toad,fish,rabbit
Biochemistry Experiment
1. extraction casein from milk:isoelectric precipitation
heat;sodium buffer;cool and centrifuge;wash;ethnol-ether(degrease);Buchner Funnel;weigh
2. determination to protein concentration:Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250
once red;465nm,595nm;stardard sample curve
Genetics Experiment
1. observation:Female:bigger,oval abdomen with a pointed tip,5 stripes,without sexual combs
2. culture:25℃,die or grow slowly
3. exploration of fruit flies inheritance law
wide red-eyed female ; mutant white-eyed male
P:virgin flies(mate once,spawn several times) to keep petigree pure. hybrid
F1(Fillio):all red-eyed. (dorminant/invisible) selfing
F2:all female red-eyed;male half red and half white. (gender related trait)
1. platelet:hemostasis
vascular constrict;thrombosis form;blood clot
2. structure of skeletal muscle
Physiology Experiment
1. ABO blood type
2. make specimen and watch videos
3. plant physiology(osmotic potential/isotonic concentration)
Enzyme Engineering
1. structure
2. binding model
3. suicide substrate(competitive repression)
4. sulfa drugs
Biopharmaceutical Engineering
1. properties and application;form and delivery method
2. animal experiments;pharmacodynamics and toxicology;dose

reactions between human bodies and drugs
Modern Basic Chemistry
1. elements traits and possible reactions
2. atom orbit theory:electron cloud shape/the probability of electron occuring
Pauling energy level;Pauli imcompatible theory;Hund priciple;the lowest energy priciple
3. molecule orbit theory:hybrid orbit theory
Physical Chemistry
1. the first law of Thermodynamics:
energy conservation law
δU=W+Q; W=∫pdV; H=pV+U
2. the second law of Thermodynamics:
It's impossible that when heat was transfered,nothing else happened.
Clausius statement: δS=(dQ/T)r
Helmholz free energy:A=U-TS
Gibbs free energy:G=U-TS
3. the third law of Thermodynamics:
Absolute 0 kelvins is impossible to reach.
Clausius-Claperon statement:dp/dT=δHm/TδVm
4. phase change
Organic Chemistry
1. Arrhenius Acid:H+
2. Bronsted-Lowery acid:proton donor
3. Lewis acid:electron acceptor,electrophile
no salts,dicided by reactions
Chemistry Expeiment
1. Inorganic:purification of CuSO4(copper sulfate) and recrystallization
2. Organic:preparation of cinnamic acid(prepare and distill)
3. Physical:defination of 3-element-explosion limit(acetone-oxygen-nitrogen)
4. Analytical:titration(common;back;indiect)
Biological Process Engineering
a course about calculation during fermentation
how many products;
when to produce products;
when to produce byproducts;
how much when feeding;
when to feed;
how many cells;
how the cells take pressure;
how the equipments take pressture;
how to design the stirrer

How to recycling wasted electron rubbish:bioleaching and bioabsorption
Energy Biotechnology
to produce fuel,like ethnol,with biology methods
pretreatment:acid(hemicellulose);base(lignin);high temperature
cellulose exposed
3 basic laws of Biological Inheritance
seperate freely;combine freely;combine unfreely
Developmental Biology
concepts and model organisms
Analytical Chemistry
quantitative and qualitative analysis of molecules in a system
Agricultural Biotechnology
techniques that are used to create, improve,or modify organisms(transgenic;biopesticides)
Koch's Postulates:
1. the virus exists in every case of this disease
2. the virus can be isolated from the host and cultured in vitro
3. inject the virus into a healthy individual.The new host get the disease.
4. the virus can be found reproducing in the experiment host.
Antibody Vaccine Engineering
to produce vaccine
Gemology and Gemstone Appreciation
Classic Music
Theory.symphony;concerto;sonata;franmingo;bosa nova
Cognition Practice/Graduation Internship
Document Indexing/Scientific Research Training
Basis of Computer Engineering/C language
College Physics/Advanced Mathematics
Seminar.Interview someone.
visit a pharmaceitical factory and a biotech company
find reference information and practice for thesis
basic use and components/primary programming
basic course for all engineering students