Mercyb US History First Semester Final Review

taxes on imported goods
a law forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages
Nineteenth amendment
granted women the right to vote in 1920
a policy of favoring native-born individuals over foreign-born ones
Red Scare
a period of general fear of communists
payments for war damage
Buying on margin
An option that allowed investors to purchase a stock for only a fraction of its price and borrow the rest
a share of a company
people who believe there should be no government
Mitchell Palmer
conducted raids on suspected anarchists and radicals
Dawes Plan
developed by an American banker to rescue Germany's economy
Sacco and Vanzetti
Anarchists and Italian immigrants accused of murder. Sentenced to death.
Dow Jones
Oldest indicator of the ups and downs of the stock market . 30 leading blue chip stocks
Hated not only blacks but also jews, catholics, immigrants, and groups believed to represent "Un-American" values.
Hawley Smoot Tariff
charged a high tax for imports thereby leading to less trade between America and foreign countries along with some economic retaliation
Scopes Trial
1925 trial in Tennessee on the issue of teaching evolution in public schools
Tea Pot Dome
Oil scandal during the Harding administration
Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President, who led USA into WWI. He proposed the 14 points. He attended the peace conference at Versailles.
Versailles Treaty
1919 treaty that ended WWI
Zimmerman Note
Message proposing an alliance between Germany and Mexico
German Submarine
Articles of Confederation
the document that created the first central government for the United States; it was replaced by the Constitution in 1789
Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson bought this from France
Monroe Doctrine
an American foreign policy opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from outside powers
the withdrawal of eleven Southern states from the Union in 1860 which precipitated the American Civil War
The period when the South rejoined the Union.
13th Amendment
slavery abolished
Homestead Act
Passed in 1862, it gave 160 acres of public land to any settler who would farm the land for five years.
Pendleton Act
began a transfer of federal jobs from the patronage to the merit system
the steel king
a journalist who uncovers abuses and corruption in a society
Political Bosses
Leaders of political machines that bribed citizens in order to receive votes
Boss of Tammany Hall
cartoonist who exposed the Tweed Ring
Collective bargaining
process in which workers negotiate as a group with employers
Gentlemen's Agreement
Agreement with Japan and the US, mutual restrictions of immigration
a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries
USS Maine
a U.S. warship that mysteriously exploded and sank in the harbor of Havana, Cuba on February 15, 1898
Common Sense
a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that claimed the colonies had a right to be an independent nation
Three fifths compromise
agreement at the constitutional Convention that 3/5 of the slaves in any state be counted in its population
Jim Crow Laws
Laws designed to enforce segregation of blacks from whites
Women's suffrage
the right for women to vote
Laissez faire
policy allowing business to operate with little or no government interference
Trust buster
Roosevelt's nickname
Philippines annexation
given to U.S. for a payment of $20 million; very controversial because we had promised independence
Bull Market
a period of increased stock trading and rising stock prices