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  1. James K. Polk
  2. Winfield Scott, Chapultepec 1847
  3. Zachary Taylor, Buena Visita
  4. Lone Star Republic
  5. Aroostock War 1838
  1. a He was a democratic president from Tennesee who was very dedicated to his work, During his presidency, he lowered tariffs, re-established the independent Treasury, and obtained Oregon and California.
  2. b A war between lumberjacks from the U.S. and Canada over disputed territory between Maine and New Brunswick.
  3. c General Zachary Taylor led 5,000 men against Santa Anna's 20,000 during the Battle of Buena Visita. He and his troops repelled Santa Anna's attacks and became a military hero. This later bolstered his political carrer and helped him become president.
  4. d He campaigned his way to Mexico City via Vera Cruz. Near Mexico City he and his troops fought the final battle of the Mexican war at Chapultepec.
  5. e The independent counrty of Texas between 1836 and1845. Independence was declared by Texas and a war of independence with Mexico soon followed. Was annexed by the U.S. in 1845.

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  1. He was in California in 1846 with 62 sharpshooters. he overthrew the Mexican government and raised the California flag to proclaim the new California Republic.
  2. Te editior of the New York Tribune who said "Go West Young Man, Go West." The quote symbolized Manifest Destiny
  3. The last battle of the Texas War for Independence. The Texas army continually retreated during the war so they could train their soilders. The Mexican army soon became overconfident and suffered a sound defeat when the Texan army attacked.
  4. He was an American fur trapper and realator who went to the Oregon Territory to challenge the Hudson Bay Company monopoly on the fur trade and returned to the east bankrupt.
  5. He was the chief clerk of the State Department, who sent to arrange an armistice with Santa Anna. He wrote and signed the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

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  1. Manifest DestinyA belief that the U.S. was the most perfect country in the world and that God wanted the U.S. to continue expanding. By doing so, less fortunate people in the western hemisphere could enjoy the blessing of a democratic institiution.


  2. Texas War for Independence 1835-36A Mexican system that offered large and inexpensive land grants to empresarios (leaders of large bands of settlers) for importing hundreds of families to Texas. By 1830, there were 20,000 Americans, 5,000 slaves, and 4,000 Mexicans living in Texas.


  3. 50*40' or fightThe Oregon Territory was at one time jointly occupied by the U.S., Russia, and Spain. Later on, only Britian and the U.S. occupied this territory. A treaty between England and the U.S. in 1846 split the territory at the 49th parrel.


  4. Brigham YoungHe became the Mormon leader after Joseph Smith was killed. He led a mass migration of 17,000 people across the Great Plains and settled in what is today, Salt Lake City, Utah. He established towns throughout Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Brigham Young University (BYU) is named after Young.


  5. Slidell Mission 1845Reffered to a large amount of land given to the U.S. after the Mexican War. This land included present-day Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California.


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