Matter and its Properties


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What is matter?
Anything that has mass and takes up space..
Matter is made up of what?
tiny particles
What is an atom?
You can break down matter to its smallest particle
Atoms are the building block of all?
What is an element?
a Substance that contains only ONE type of atom.
Molecule is?
a combination of two or more atoms
Substance of water?
2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom
What are physical properties?
something you can observe or measure
What is mass?
the amount of matter in an object
A balance is used to?
Find the mass of objects
Units of measure when finding matter?
Grams and kilograms
What is volume?
The amount of space an object takes up
Volume =
length x width x height
These solids cannot be measured
Irregular solids
the amount of matter in an object compared to the space it takes up
What two things contribute to density?
Mass and volume
What is buoyancy?
Ability to float or sink
What are the states of matter?
solid, liquid, gas
What is a solid?
has a definite shape and volume
What is a liquid?
A state of matter that has a definite volume but no definite shape.
What is a gas?
A state of matter with no definite shape or volume
What is evaporation?
Liquid to gas
What is condensation?
Gas to liquid
What is freezing?
liquid to solid
What is melting?
solid to liquid
What is an example of evaporation?
Puddles disappearing
example of condensation
foggy mirror after hot shower
example of freezing
rain turning to hail
What is an example of melting?
ice cube turns to water