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  1. solar
  2. Hydropower
  3. uranium
  4. Energy
  5. nonrenewable resource
  1. a Which term does not belong to the group:
    natural gas, coal, uranium, oil
  2. b Uses energy directly from the Sun.
  3. c ________ is energy that comes from the force of moving water.
  4. d Nuclear energy is another type of ________ ________.
  5. e ________ is a vital part of our everyday life.

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  1. In power plants the steam from boiling water is used to turn the blades of a ________.

  2. What is the net force in the picture above?
  3. Removing ________ ________ from steam can cause a gas to change into a liquid.
  4. The combination of all forces acting on an object is called the ________ ________.
  5. Fossil fuels formed from the buried remains of ________ and ________ that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

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  1. energyWhen a cake is baked ________ is involved.


  2. chemical energy into thermal energy
    What type of energy transformation is happening in the picture above?


  3. steam________ tells us the rate at which an object moves.


  4. Chemical energy________ ________ is the energy that matter has because of its motion or its position.


  5. Chemical energy
    What type of energy can be found in the picture above?