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  1. add
  2. generator
  3. Mechanical energy
  4. plants, animals
  5. spring scale
  1. a Fossil fuels formed from the buried remains of ________ and ________ that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.
  2. b In a power plant the turbine turns a ________ that generates electricity.
  3. c ________ ________ is the energy that matter has because of its motion or its position.
  4. d The size of a force can be measured using a tool called a ________ ________.
  5. e To find the net force when forces are pushing or pulling in the same direction simply ________ them together.

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  1. Unbalanced forces cause objects to ________.
  2. ________ ________ is energy stored in matter because of its chemical makeup.
  3. Power plants generally use the chemical energy stored in ________to heat water in huge boilers.

  4. What is the net force in the picture above?
  5. The Sun and energy from the wind are sometimes referred to as ________ ________.

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  1. renewable resourceAn energy source that can be replaced by natural processes in a short amount of time is called a ________ ________.


  2. WindWhat is the abbreviation for Newtons?


  3. change
    In the motion graph above which runner stopped to take a rest?


  4. chemical energy to mechanical energy
    What type of energy transformation is happening in the picture above?


  5. chemicalReleased slowly through the digestion of food, ________ energy powers all living things.


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