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  1. Electrical energy
  2. bodies
  3. subtract
  4. 0 N
  5. balance
  1. a Our ________ also use mechanical energy to do work such as moving tables or throwing balls across the gym.
  2. b
    What type of energy is in the picture above?
  3. c It is better to measure weight with a spring scale and mass with a ________.
  4. d
    What is the net force in the picture above?
  5. e To find the net force when forces are pushing or pulling in opposite directions simply ________ the smaller force from the larger force.

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  1. A spring scale is a tool best used to measure ________.
  2. ________ use mechanical energy to do work.

  3. The motion graph above shows that the car...
  4. Most nuclear power plants generate electricity by using a special metal called ________ as a fuel.
  5. Unbalanced forces cause objects to ________.

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  1. chemicalWhich term does not belong to the group:
    biomass, hydropower, coal, wind


  2. net forceA ________ is a push or a pull in a specific direction.


  3. hydropowerThe faster an object moves, the ________ an object becomes, and the more thermal energy it possesses.


  4. Mechanical energy________ ________ is energy of matter caused by its position or its motion.


  5. nonrenewable resourceCoal, oil, and natural gas are a type of ________ ________.


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