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  1. geothermal
  2. Sun
  3. geothermal energy
  4. forces
  5. Electrical energy
  1. a Pushes and pulls are ________.
  2. b The ________ gives off tremendous amounts of energy every second.
  3. c
    What type of energy is in the picture above?
  4. d Uses thermal energy found inside the Earth.
  5. e Which term does not belong to the group:
    geothermal, fossil fuel, nuclear, nonrenewable

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  1. In the motion graph above which runner won the race?
  2. ________ is a renewable resource that comes from living things and can be burned to release energy.
  3. Uses energy from moving air.
  4. ________ energy interacts with matter by being transmitted, absorbed, or reflected.
  5. When a bell rings ________ is involved.

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  1. combined
    Are the forces pushing on this box balanced, unbalanced, or combined?


  2. coalWhich term does not belong to the group:
    solar, renewable, coal, wind


  3. Inertia________ is an object's tendency to resist a change in motion.


  4. HydropowerUsually more than ________ force acts on an object at the same time.


  5. falling rockIt is better to measure weight with a spring scale and mass with a ________.