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  1. falling rock
  2. chemical
  3. Light
  4. coal
  5. particles
  1. a Thermal energy is the energy of moving ________.
  2. b Released slowly through the digestion of food, ________ energy powers all living things.
  3. c A ________ ________ has mechanical energy.
  4. d ________ energy interacts with matter by being transmitted, absorbed, or reflected.
  5. e Which term does not belong to the group:
    solar, renewable, coal, wind

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  1. ________ is a change in position measured by distance and time.
  2. ________ ________ is energy due to charged matter.
  3. ________ use mechanical energy to do work.
  4. ________ ________ includes visible light, X-rays, microwaves, and ultraviolet light.
  5. Today when we burn coal, oil, or natural gas we release energy that came from the ________ but has been stored inside the Earth for millions of years.

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  1. Weight________ = Mass X Gravity


  2. is stopped________ tells us the rate at which an object moves.


  3. Charlie
    In the motion graph above which runner lost the race?


  4. subtract________ is the most familiar example of radiant energy.


  5. forcesPushes and pulls are ________.