Terms in this set (25)

  • Reciprocal (adj.)
    shared, felt, or shown by both sides.
  • Infinitesimal (adj.)
    immeasurably or incalculably small
  • Extemporize (v.)
    to compose, perform, or produce something without preparation
  • Supercilious (adj.)
    coming off as acting or feeling superior to others
  • Din (n.)
    a loud and prolonged noise
  • Sporadic (adj)
    happening often but not regularly
  • Punctilious (adj)
    very careful about behaving properly
  • Incredulous (adj)
    unable or not willing to believe something
  • Juxtaposition (n)
    the close proximity of two or more things or events in space or time
  • Wan (adj)
    having a weak quality
  • Laudable (adj)
    Worthy of praise
  • Meretricious (adj)
    Apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity
  • Turgid (adj)
    Tediously pompous or overblown
  • Dilatory (adj)
    Slow or sluggish
  • Menagerie (n)
    A collection of captive animals, or a group of people exhibiting similar qualities
  • Inviolate (adj)
    Not harmed or changed
  • Tumultuous (adj)
    Loud, excited, and emotional
  • Rancor (n)
    Resentful bitterness
  • Magnanimous (adj)
    Generous or forgiving
  • Clamor (n)
    A loud and confused noise
  • Inexplicable (adj)
    Unable to explain or account for
  • Redolent (adj)
    Strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something
  • Stratum (n)
    A level of society made up of people of a similar rank or position
  • Pervade (v)
    To exist in every part of something
  • Superfluous (adj)
    Beyond what is needed