Top 10,000 Hebrew Words - 2001 - 4000

2000 terms by kevinm21566

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in [the] captivity / in [the] prison

בשבי (bashevi)

in captivity of

בשבי (bishvi)

areas / regions / zones

אזורים (azorim)

his right

ימינו (yemino)

our days

ימינו (yameinu)

rise of / increase of / immigration of

עליית (aliyat)

in a movie / with a ribbon/strip

בסרט (beseret)

in the movie / with the ribbon/strip

בסרט (baseret)

evidence (pl.) / testimonies

עדויות (eduyot)


בעיות (be'ayot)

returns (m.s.) / repeats (m.s.) / returning / repeating / circular

חוזר (khozer)

kinds / classes / types

סוגים (sugim)

Jewish (f.s.)

יהודית (yehudit)

aerobic (

אווירניים (aviraniyim)

thanks / gratitude

תודה (toda)

to you / for you (

לכם (lakhem)

in favor of

בעד (be'ad)


שקט (sheket)

quiet / silent (m.s.)

שקט (shaket)

calmed down / became quiet (m.s.)

שקט (shakat)

to stay / to remain

להישאר (lehisha'er)

to understand

להבין (lehavin)

that is [at] / common / available (f.s.)

המצוי (metsuya)

found (m.s.)

מצא (matsa)

to a god

לאל (le'el)

to the god

לאל (la'el)

[to set at] nought

לאל (le'al)


חדר (kheder)

penetrated / intruded (m.s.)

חדר (khadar)

sentence / trial

משפט (mishpat)

friends / members (m.)

חברים (khaverim)

the outside

החוץ (hakhuts)

the white (m.s.)

הלבן (halavan)

the medications / the drugs

התרופות (hatrufot)

complex / composed of (m.s.)

מורכב (murkav)

the attitude / the access / the approach

הגישה (hagisha)

in a system / in an editorial board

במערכת (bema'arekhet)

in the system / in the editorial board

במערכת (bama'arekhet)

cancer (disease) / crab

סרטן (sartan)

the relations

היחסים (hayakhasim)


ציוד (tsiyud)

materials of

חומרי (khomrei)


כפר (kfar)

palace / temple

היכל (heykhal)

in the season of

בעונת (be'onat)

from the years of

משנות (mishnot)

the electrons

האלקטרונים (ha'elektronim)

the enzyme

האנזים (ha'enzim)

my position

עמדתי (emdati)

I stood / I was going to / I succeeded

עמדתי (amadeti)

to ask / to request

לבקש (levakesh)

after him

אחריו (akharav)

that [it is] possible (adv.)

שאפשר (she'efshar)

that enabled / that facilitated (m.s.)

שאפשר (she'ifsher)

to carry / to marry

לשאת (laset)

to introduce / to display / to present / to exhibit

להציג (lehatsig)

who prepared / who made arrangements / that was held / that was edited (m.s.)

שנערך (shene'erakh)

difficult / hard (

קשים (kashim)

fight (m.s. imperative)

הלחם (hilakhem)

the material

החומר (hakhomer)

the general (

הכללית (haklalit)

in a village

בכפר (bekfar)

in the village

בכפר (bakfar)

[in] a style of / [in] a manner of

בסגנון (besignon)


ניצחון (nitsakhon)

in return for / in exchange for // change of / transformation of

תמורת (tmurat)

and finally / and eventually

ולבסוף (ulvasof)

acted / operated (pl.)

פעלו (pa'alu)

giant (m.s.) / necklace

ענק (anak)


יין (yayin)

to powers / to forces / to strengths

לכוחות (lekokhot)

to the powers / to the forces / to the strengths

לכוחות (lakokhot)

Torah / theory / her turn

תורה (tora)


אמנים (omanim)

friend / member (f.s.)

חברה (khavera)

company / society

חברה (khevra)

the southern (f.s.)

הדרומית (hadromit)

on a site

באתר (be'atar)

at the site

באתר (ba'atar)

[on] a mountain

בהר (behar)

[on] the mountain

בהר (bahar)

the river

הנהר (hanahar)

to bring close

לקרב (lekarev)

to the battle

לקרב (lakrav)

painting / drawing

ציור (tsiyur)

the cities

הערים (ha'arim)

in history

בהיסטוריה (bahistoria)

might / made (

עשויים (asuyim)

contract / prophet

חוזה (khoze)

in activity

בפעילות (bif'ilut)

was determined / was fixed / was set (m.s.)

נקבע (nikba)


תופעה (tofa'a)

appeared / performed (pl.)

הופיעו (hofi'u)

the humane (m.s.)

האנושי (ha'enoshi)

varies / changes (m.s.) / variant (stat.)

משתנה (mishtane)

from most / of most / so many

מרוב (merov)

his eyes

עיניו (einav)


שמש (shemesh)


שמש (shamash)

the good (f.s.) / the favor

הטובה (hatova)

and that / and regarding

ואשר (va'asher)

beam / ray / fund / horn / bugle

קרן (keren)

patients / sick (

חולים (kholim)


משפחות (mishpakhot)

abilities / capabilities

יכולות (yekholot)

to assume / to place

להניח (lehani'akh)

received / accepted (f.s.)

קיבלה (kibla)

in a series

בסדרה (besidra)

in the series

בסדרה (basidra)

the economic (m.s.)

הכלכלי (hakalkali)

camps / groups

מחנות (makhanot)

park (

מחנות (makhnot)

unit / squad / only / single

יחידה (yekhida)

known (

ידועים (yedu'im)

and many

ורבים (verabim)

and fight (

ורבים (veravim)

blue (m.s.)

כחול (kakhol)

required / demanded / preached / interpreted (m.s.)

דרש (darash)

in words

במילים (bemilim)

in the words

במילים (bamilim)

in a body

בגוף (beguf)

in the body

בגוף (baguf)

the front / the frontier

החזית (hakhazit)

areas of / fields of / territories of

שטחי (shitkhei)


שטחי (shitkhi)

from the south

מדרום (midarom)

to hold / to fulfill / to carry out / to maintain

לקיים (lekayem)

the known (

הידועים (hayedu'im)


עקרונות (ekronot)

formation of / creation of / artistic work of / composition of

יצירת (yetsirat)

for success

להצלחה (lehatslakha)

for the success

להצלחה (lahatslakha)

from the century

מהמאה (mehame'a)


שימור (shimur)


עקרון (ikaron)

the tradition

המסורת (hamasoret)

the humane (f.s.)

האנושית (ha'enoshit)

disturbances / interferences / interruptions

הפרעות (hafra'ot)

applied (m.s.)

החיל (hekhil)

the corps

החיל (hakhayil)

appears / performs (f.s.)

מופיעה (mofi'a)

the whale

הלווייתן (halivyatan)

I found

מצאתי (matsati)

sounds / sounded (m.s.) / we will hear

נשמע (nishma)

sit (m.s.)

יושב (yoshev)

will be (pl.)

יהיו (yihiyu)

who/that can

שיכול (sheyakhol)

the bottom / the lower / the inferior (m.s.)

התחתון (hatakhton)

the other ( / the others (f.)

האחרות (ha'akherot)