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Applied Psychology 140 KVCTC/WVSU Prof. Lana Andrean

d) all of these

Without memory, we would be ____.
a) stuck in the present
b) unable to adapt
c) unable to learn
d) all of these

d) consciosly recall experiences

After removal of his hippocampus, H.M. was unable to ___.
a) recognize the faces of his parents
b) remember how to eat
c) remember his birthday
d) consciosly recall experiences

a) the ability to store and use information

Memory is _____.
a) the ability to store and use information
b) the tendency to have better recall for items in a list, depending on their position in the list
c) when new experiences or information cause people to forget
d) a product of weakening synaptic connections in the brain

b) Sensory memory

____ occurs when information from our five senses leaves a small, momentary trace in our brain unless we pay attention to and process this information.
a) Short-term memory
b) Sensory memory
c) False memory
d) Long-term potentiation

b) echoic

Diane is not paying attention to her boyfriend talking, when all of a sudden something he says stops her. She says, "Wait a minute... did you say something about marriage?" His mention of marriage left a trace in her ___ memory, and she subquently paid attention to this information.
a) iconic
b) echoic
c) implicit
d) semantic

b) iconic

Neil is participating in an experiment where numbers are flashed on a computer screen for a few milliseconds, and then it goes blank and asks him to recall the numbers. Neil is participating in a study that is examining his ____ memory.
a) tactile
b) iconic
c) echoic
d) olfactory

d) Short-term

____ memory is also working memory, because it is the part of memory required to attend to a situation or problem.
a) Episodic
b) Meta
c) Sensory
d) Short-term

b) this is the maximum number of items that can be held in short-term memory at a given moment

One reason that phone numbers in the United States are seven digits long is that ____.
a) most people can transfer seven digits into long-term memory instantly, bypassing short-term memory
b) this is the maximum number of items that can be held in short-term memory at a given moment
c) sensory memory for numbers is very keen and can handle such a large quantity of digits
d) when polled, early phone customers requested this many digits in their phone numbers

c) chunking

The string of digits 1776149217871941 is difficult for most people to remember, but breaking them up into 1776, 1492, 1787, and 1941 in a process called ____ makes it easier.
a) method of loci
b) deep processing
c) chunking
d) rehearsing

d) reproting

Which of the following is not a step in Alan Baddeley's (2003, 2007) model of working memory?
a) attending
b) storing
c) rehearsing
d) reproting

b) paying attention to a stimulus

According to Alan Baddely (2003, 2007), the first step in the working memory process is ____.
a) rehearsing the properties of a stimulus
b) paying attention to a stimulus
c) transporting memory impulses to the hippocampus
d) storing information on the retina

a) screening out irrelevant information from the environment

People who have sustained damage to their frontal lobes and thus their central executives may have a hard time ____.
a) screening out irrelevant information from the environment
b) remembering new experiences
c) processing and recalling language communicated to them
d) recalling information from before their injuries

d) It provides brief storage for images, scenes, and photos.

Which of the following best describes the function of the visuospatial sketch pad?
a) It permanetly stores important distance and travel information, like one's route home.
b) It serves as a mental canvas on which thinkers can mentally perform spatial rotation tasks.
c) It provides long-term storage for three-dimensional memories.
d) It provides brief storage for images, scenes, and photos.

c) an episode buffer

c) an episode bufferRoxanne knows she will remember her wedding day forever. First, however, her wedding memories have to be processed in her working memory and temporarily stored in her _____.
a) implicit memory
b) procedural memory
c) an episode buffer
d) automatic processing

a) rehearsal

Jacques wants to remember a phone number, so he repeats it aloud until he can get the numbers typed and saved in his cell phone. He is using the process of ____.
a) rehearsal
b) deep processing
c) retrieval
d) recognition

b) the recency effect

Selma's mother recited to her a list of things to buy at the grocery store, and now that Selma is there, she can only remember the items from the end of the list. This phenomenon is called ____.
a) the primary effect
b) the recency effect
c) proactive interference
d) retroactive interference

c) semantic

Paul remembers the presidents of the United States in the order in which they held office. Some would say that he has a pretty good ____ memory.
a) priming
b) learning
c) semantic
d) non-declarative

d) Encoding

_____ is crucial to storage and retrieval.
a) Priming
b) Persistence
c) Episodic memory
d) Encoding

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