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Glossary of CSS terms.

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a conceptual perimeter line around an element
class selector
A syntax for specifying a CSS selector by means of a general purpose, repeatable class attribute of an element.
contextual selector
A syntax for specifying a CSS selector by means of the context in which an element or attribute occurs in the markup structure of a document.
A corresponding pair of property and value parameters which suggests a CSS style for a given selector.
An HTML or markup element to which a CSS declaration might be associated. A named element is the simplest form of CSS selector.
sets an element to the left or right of its containing element in a way that other elements flow around it, typically an image set to the side of a run of text.
grouped selector
A convenient means of specifying a range of selectors in a comma separated list to which the same style declaration applies
id selector
A syntax for specifying a CSS selector by means of a unique id attribute of an element. The name of id selectors in style rules is preceded by a hash or pound symbol, #
a shorthand that specifies the type and position of list item markers in ordered and un-ordered lists.
represents the external space between the border of an element and any adjacent elements.
represents the internal space between the content of an element and its border.
specifies where an HTML element should be rendered in the browser canvas and is associated with the top and right properties.
A named style attribute or parameter for a markup element specified in a stylesheet declaration, e.g. color, background, font-family, margin etc., which is assigned a specific value.
pseudo class
A syntax for selecting markup elements which have subsidiary or context-sensitive attributes in the context of document navigation or positioning, including hyperlinks.
style rule
The complete specification of an individual style including the selector, property and value.
A logical "handle" or identifier by which style declarations are associated with specific elements of a document.
Shorthand properties
Shorthand property names have the effect of combining several associated properties in a single declaration.
style sheet
A collection of one or more style rules, specified in an HTML style element or external CSS file attached by an HTML link element.
user agent
A software application which is used to view a document to which styles have been applied.
A length, quality, type or URL assigned to a style property for an element.