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General Veterinary Medicine

Reason for variability of vaccination protocols between swine farms?

Vx are used for the various diseases present - if the Dz does not exist on the farm, there is little reason to Vx

Prefarrowing vaccine general timing?

2-3 weeks prior to farrowing

Major prefarrowing vaccines?

Erysipelas, Atrophic rhinitis, E. coli, and C. perf type C

Components of atrophic rhinitis vaccine?

Bortetella bronchisepticum bactrin and Pasteurella multocida type D toxoid

Timing of E. coli and C. perf type C vaccines for primiparous prefarrowing?

2 vaccinations, 3 and 6 weeks prior to farrowing

Optional prefarrowing vaccines?

TGE and Rotavirus

Preweaning vaccines if weaned < 3 weeks of age?

May not be given except Mycoplasma prior to weaning

Preweaning vaccines if weaned at 4 weeks of age or older?

Atrophic rhinitis and Erysipelas a week before and 2 weeks after weaning

Prebreeding vaccine timing?

Given 2-3 weeks prior to breeding

Prebreeding vaccines?

Leptospirosis and Parvo Virus

Leptospirosis serovars?

Canicola, icterohemorrhagica, hardjo, pomona, gripotyphosa and bratislava

Parvo Virus vaccine?

For a ubiquitous organism; colostral immunity can last up to 8 months - this interferes w/ vaccine response; Gilts should be exposed to sow feces early to obtain naturally acquired immunity

Pot bellied pig vaccines?

Erysipelas and AR vaccines 2x a year; Lepto and Parvo for breeding animals; Rabies annually; potentially mycoplasma

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine?

Vaccinate entire herd; piglets @ 1 week, again 2-3 weeks later

Streptococcus suis vaccine?

Dz of pigs in farrowing house and nursery; commercial Vx available, but may are autogenous; administration varies among manufacturers

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae vaccine?

Given to pigs 4 weeks of age and older

Salmonella vaccines?

Available in parenteral and oral vaccines

Hemophilus parasuis vaccine?

Glasser's Dz - a disease in the nursery; vaccinate pigs 4 weeks of age or older

PRRS vaccine?

MLV should not be used in pregnant animals; virus will spread from vaccinated animals to non-vaccinated animals. Give this similarly to lepto and parvo to prevent reproductive losses

Sow and preparturient gilt deworming?

Perform prior to farrowing and in early gestation if animals are in a contaminated environment

Replacement gilt (>220lbs) deworming?

Every 6 weeks if in contaminated area and at time of breeding

Pig deworming?

Check when entering nursery and at weaning; @ 50-70lbs (grower area); @ 100-110lbs (finisher area); if finishers in contaminated area, again @ 150-170lbs

Boar deworming?

2x a year if in confinement; every 3 months if in contaminated environment


Gets all of the important worms

Two external parasites of economic importance in swine?

Lice and mange

External parasite prevention in sows and preparturient gilts?

Before farrowng to reduce piglet exposure

External parasite prevention in pigs?

@ weaning; @ 50-70lb; @ grower and finisher areas as needed

External parasite prevention in boars?

2x a year

External parasite control topicals?

Amitraz, ivermectin, permethrins

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