pediatric dentistry (chap 57)

26 terms by phuvinhnguyen

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comparison of similarities between things that are otherwise not alike


type of involuntary movement of the body, face, and extremities


childhood process of becoming independent


torn away or dislodged by force

cerebral palsy

neutro disorder of motor function caused by brain damage

chronologic age

actual age (months, years) of pediatric patients


to shape or conform an object


condition that occurs when a tooth is not properly aligned with its opposing tooth

down syndrome

chromosomal defect that results in abnormal physical characteristics and mental imparment, also called trisomy 21

emotional age

measure of level of emotional maturity of pediatric patients


displacement of a tooth from its socket as result of injury


procedure to trim or shape a denture to simulate normal tissue appearance


scale designed to evaluate patient behavior


displacement of a tooth into its socket as a result of injury



mental age

measure of the level of intellectual capacity and development of pediatric patiens

mental retardation

disorder in which an individual's intelligence is underdeveloped


referring to brain, nervous system, and nerve pathways

open bay

concept of open design use in pediatric dental practices


type of restraining device that holds a pediatric patient's hand, arms and legs still

pediatric dentistry

dental specialty concerned with neonatal through adolescent patients, as well as patients with special needs in these age groups


after birth


beforem birth


removal of the coronal portion of a vital pulp from a tooth


exaggerated movement of the arms and legs


type of matrix band used for primary teeth

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