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molecules that contain carbon


molecules that do not contain carbon


elements or compounds that organisms need for living, growing and reproducing.


large scale of nutrients


small scale of nutrients


A type of organic molecule that contains C, H, O. E.g. Glucose, starch, glycogen


A type of organic compound composed of C, H, O that forms fats, lipids, waxes.


A type of organic molecule that is made up of amino acids that contain C, H, O & N. The function includes: growth & repair, source of energy.

Nucleic Acids

Largest and most complicated molecules found in living things. Made up of phosphates, ribose (simple sugar) and nitrogen. Function: heredity & controls cell activities.


The movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration to one of lower concentration.


A type of diffusion. The movement of water through the walls from an area of high concentration of water to a low concentration of water.

active transport

Using energy to move molecules of nutrients in the direction opposite of diffusion.

Passive transport

Does not use energy to move molecules.


The process of taking food into our bodies.


The breakdown (lysis) of large organic molecules using water (hydro)


The material on which an organism moves or lives.

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