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The value the function uses to perform a calculation, including a number, text, or a cell reference that acts as an operand (EX 105).

Date and time functions

Functions that are used to insert dates and times in a worksheet (EX 118).

Financial functions

Functions used to analyze loans and investments (EX 114).

Formula AutoComplete

As you begin to type a function name, this feature shows a list of functions below the active cell (EX 108).


Shorthand way to write an equation that performs a calculation (EX 105).

Logical functions

Functions that display text or values if certain conditions exist (EX 117).

Mathematical functions

Functions, such as the square root and rounding functions that manipulate quantitative data in a worksheet (EX 109-110).

Statistical functions

Functions used to describe large quantities of data (EX 112).

Text functions

Functions that are used to format and work with cell contents (EX 119).

Trigonometric functions

Functions, such as the natural logarithm, that manipulate quantitative data in a worksheet (EX 109-110).

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