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The weather is quite changeable


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We have periods of time with clear blue skies
Clear blue skies
We have torrential rain
Torrential rain
We usually get heatwaves during the summer
It's not freezing cold during the winter
Freezing cold
Sometimes we get lots of sunny spells
Sunny speels
If I get caught in the rain or get drenched
Sometimes even a drop of rain can bother me
There was a change in the weather
As we were walking around the shops in the town ,it started to pour down
To pour down
We were all taken by surprise
We often don't get floods
To get floods
Personally I don't mind the occasional cold spell
Cold spell
There is often a thick fog in the morning
Thick fog
We sometimes get bitterly cold winds
Bitterly cold waves
The winter certainly makes me feel a little bit depressed...though having said that ...it is always nice to see the town covered in a blanket of snow
To be covered with a blanket of snow