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Sets B, C, and D give example sentences of the words taken from the 250 SAT Word series. Users should combine from 3 to 5 sets marked B, C, or D together - for example, 1C, 2C, 3C, and 4C - and generate multiple choice question tests to practice SAT-like questions.


_______________ is sleight of hand or a show of skill or deceitful cleverness.


The _______________ of two contrasting objects, images, or ideas is the fact that they are placed together or described together, so that the differences between them are emphasized.


If you describe a situation as a _______________, you mean that it is very confused or violent.


If you describe someone as _______________, you mean that she shows little energy or interest and is very slow and casual in her movements


If you describe someone as _______________, you mean that she uses very few words to say something, so that she seems casual or unfriendly.


If you are _______________, you feel extremely happy because of a success.


_______________ is used to describe something which is hidden and not obvious at the moment, but which may develop further in the future.


If you describe a person as _______________, you mean that she is very immoral, especially in her sexual behavior.


If you say that something is _______________, you mean that it is very clear and transparent.


_______________ is a generous gift of money or a generous act of kindness.

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