Past - doing things in the past - haws

To the verb, add '-ais i' to say 'I did it', and add '-odd e' to say 'he did it'

Terms in this set (...)

I worked - gweithio
gweithiais i
I talked - siarad
siaradais i
he worked - gweithio
gweithiodd e
he talked - siarad
siaradodd e
I ate - bwyta
bwytais i
he ate - bwyta
bwytodd e
Tom swam - nofio
nofiodd Tom
I got up - codi
codais i
Tom got up - codi
cododd Tom
I swam - nofio
nofiais i
Tom read - darllen
darllenodd Tom
I cooked - coginio
coginiais i
Mair cooked - coginio
coginiodd Mair
I bought - prynu
prynais i
I slept - cysgu
cysgais i
Mair danced - dawnsio
dawnsiodd Mair
I ate - bwyta
bwytais i
she ate - bwyta
bwytodd hi
I phoned - ffonio
ffoniais i
Dafydd phoned - ffonio
ffoniodd Dafydd