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Which city is the setting for the necklace?


at the beginning of the story what causes of Madame Loisel constant unhappiness?

her desire to be wealthy

what literary technique is illustrated by this passage from the story

indirect characterization

what conclusion might you draw about madam loisels character based on the life she wants to live

she cars about material things

what conclusion can you draw about monsieur loisel based on his treatment of his wife

he cares a lot about his wife's happiness

which word best describes madame loisels friendship with madame forestier


where dose madame loisel lose madame forestiers necklace

at the ball

which of the following is a direct effect of madame loisel's loss of the necklace

a life of poverty and hard physical labor

choose the order in which these events happen in Maupassant story


which of the following is a direct effect of madame loisel's loss of the necklace

a life of poverty and hard physical labor

which of the following best states the theme or underlaying message of the necklace

it is dangerous to attach too much importance to wealth

which word best describes madame loisel's feelings at the end of the story


what literary technique is used in the following passage from the necklace

indirect characterization

from her thoughts speeches and behavior we can conclude that madame loisel admires a society that values above all

money and friends

which quotation best reveals monsieur loisel's attiuted toward his wife

ill give you four hundred francs. but try to pick something really nice

why dose madame loisel feel anguish when she asks to borrow the necklace

she is humiliated at having to borrow the necklace

what dose this passage suggest about madame loisel

she is capable of great strength of character

what is the mast likely the authors puose in this passage from the necklace

to inject a note of sympathy for madame loisels

madame forestier reveals that the dimond necklace she had lent madame loisel was a fake what literary elements is maupassant using in the suprise ending


the theme or underlying message of the necklace concerns the danger of

attaching excssive importance to wealth

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