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  1. Querer que
  2. Esta comprobado que
  3. Es posile que
  4. Enojarse que
  5. Esperar que
  1. a To want. Subjunctive
  2. b It is proven that. Not sub
  3. c To think. Sunjunctive
  4. d To be mad. Subjunctive
  5. e It is possible that. Subjunctive

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  1. It is impossible that. Subjunctive
  2. It is clear that. Not sub
  3. It is true that. Not sub
  4. To know that. Not sub
  5. There is no doubt. Not sub

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  1. Estar contento queTo be content. Subjunctive


  2. Es facil queIt is difficult that. Subjunctive


  3. Necesitar queTo like that. Subjunctive


  4. Sugerir queTo want. Subjunctive


  5. Tener mideo de queIt is evident that. Not sub