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  1. Encantar que
  2. Es imprescindible que
  3. No hay duda que
  4. Insistir en que
  5. Tener mideo de que
  1. a To love that. Subjunctive
  2. b There is no doubt. Not sub
  3. c To be afraid. Subjunctive
  4. d To insist. Subjunctive
  5. e It is imperative that. Subjunctive

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  1. To request that. Subjunctive
  2. It is sure that. Not sub
  3. It is bad that. Subjunctive
  4. It is not agreed that. Shbjuncitve
  5. To be surprised. Subjunctive

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  1. Dudar queTo command. Subjunctive


  2. Sentir queTo feel that. Subjunctive


  3. Esperar queTo think. Sunjunctive


  4. Es dificil queIt is difficult that. Subjunctive


  5. Gustar queTo doubt that. Subjunctice