26 terms

Architectural Nomenclature

Cove Molding
Molding finishing off the joint formed where the face of the riser meets the underside of the tread.
The portion of the tread which protrudes beyond the face of the riser.
The measurement of vertical height for each step in a stair.
The measurement of the horizontal travel of a stair.
The outer member of a stair that supports the treads and risers.
Open Stringer
A stringer that is not against the wall and with treads that are visible from the side.
Closed Stringer
A stringer that is routed out to receive treads and risers so they are not visible from the side.
Wall Stringer
A stringer that is against a wall.
The horizontal component of a stair on which one steps.
Hand Rail
The top rail of a railing system. Also called the banister or stair rail.
Acorn End
Decorative element shaped like an acorn used on handrails, newels, balusters. Also called acorn drop.
A rail fitting which curves permitting the hand rail to move up and down. Also called easing.
A rail fitting used to accommodate transitions in height and/or direction. Also called ramp.
A curved rail fitting used to cap newel posts.
A scrolled rail fitting used to cap newel posts.
Newel Post
Post located at the top, bottom, turns, and landings of stairways to support the railing system.
Bottom Rail
A flat molding with a linear groove to receive the square bottom balusters. Also called shoe rail.
Quarter-Turn Stairway
A stairway with one 90 degree turn.
Double-L Stairway
A stairway with two 90 degree turns.
Winder Stairway
A stairway using wedge shaped treads to create turns.
Wedge shaped treads used to create turns.
The railing system for a stairway; newel posts, balusters, and rails. Also called balustrade.
Underlying member of a stairway that supports the treads and risers.
Knee Rail
A rail between the hand rail and the shoe rail or floor.
The vertical component of a stair filling the space between the treads.
In the Rough
The technique in which the balusters are set directly in the treads instead of the bottom rail.