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To put something into a group


The highest level of classification of living things. There are six kingdoms of living things - archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals


The level of classification of living things below kingdom


The level of classification below phylum


The lowest level of classification


Animals with a backbone


Animals that breathe air through their lungs, make milk for their young, warm-blooded, have hair or fur, young are born looking very much like their parents


Animals without a backbone


Insects, lobsters, and spiders. The largest phylum of animals. have jointed feet, bodies divided into several parts, have gills or lungs

dichotomous key

Used to identify an unknown organism. Answer a series of questions, and follow the arrow with the correct answer to each question. This helps to identify an unknown organism


A vascular plant that reproduces using cones and seeds - pines, firs, and spruce


An organism that is not classified as a plant or animal - mushrooms, yeast - not plants because they are not able to make their own sugar for food


An organism that is not classified as a plant or animal - single celled - algae - live in colonies, sometimes help with digestion in certain animals


An organism that is not classified as a plant or animal - single-celled, different shaped (spheres, rods, spirals)


An organism that is not classified as a plant or animal - single-celled, can survive environments that are deadly to most other kinds of life, live well in hot springs, very salty water


Remains or mark of a living thing from long ago, found in sedimentary rock


Scientists who identify and classify organisms - allowed to name a new species if one is discovered


An organism that uses water, carbon dioxide, and energy from sunlight to make sugar for food


An organism that relies on plants or other animals for food, can move on its own


Typical, distinctive qualities of a living thing or object

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