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Attempting to change the hierarchical arrangement between parents calls for:


Structuralists believe the anorctic symptom is embedded in:

a faulty family organization

Diffused boundaries are:

all of these

Of the following, the most strictly system-oriented is:


Family coalitions:

may introduce stress into a family system

Imitating a family's manner, style, and affective range calls for a therapeutic technique called ________ by structuralists.


Minuchin was director of the ______ from 1965-1975.

Chicago Family Institute

According to Aponte and Van Deusen, every family transaction makes a statement regarding:

all of these

Labeling an anorectic's refusal to eat as "stubborn" rather than "sick" is an example of:


Which of the following is true regarding structural family therapy?

action precedes understanding

One objective of structural intervention is for the psychosomatic family to achieve:

clearer boundaries

In an enmeshed family:

members are intertwined in each other's lives

Structuralists claim that dysfunctional families require:

change in the covert rules that govern family transactions

Three subsystems are most important in Minuchin's system. Which of the following is not one of these?


A primary therapeutic goal for structuralists is:

organization change

Adopting the symbols of a family's life and deliberately using them in conversation with the family is the structural technique called:


A major consequence of adopting a communications viewpoint is to recast problems as:

all of these


Quarreling couples who feel justified in responding to what each perceives as an attack from the other are each imposing his or her own ________ on their interactions.


One of the following is not a concept used by the communication theorists. Which one?

family of origin sessions

All communication takes place at two levels-the surface of content and the level which qualifies what was said on the surface level. The second level is called:


In a symmetrical pattern of communication, the participants:

all of these

Symmetrical escalation occurs when:

each participant becomes more and more vicious

The person who receives a double-bind message:

is doomed to failure whatever response he or she makes

Interactional therapists attempt to:

all of these

Therapeutic double-binds:

mirror a family's paradoxical communications

Tom Sawyer's effort to convince his friends that the drudgeryof whitewashing a fence was a privilege is an example of:


Brief family therapy techniques in general are:

all of these

Brief therapy advocates attempt to change a family system rather than help the family make changes within the existing system. This objective calls for:

second order changes

The major characteristic of strategic family therapy is that the therapist:

plans a strategy for solving the presenting problems

Haley and Madanes founded the:

Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C.

Haley believes every relationship contains within it an implicit struggle for:


Madanes contends that the basic tool of strategic therapists is:

the directive

Paradoxical interventions are especially useful in attempting to change ______ families.


Systemic family therapy was based initially on the first order cybernetic ideas of the:

Mental Research Institute

According to systemicists, families in which there is a psychotic member struggle to control one anotheer's behavior through:

rules of the game

After the original Milan group split up, Boscolo joined with whom to develop a collaborative therapeutic approach?


In the original Milan format, the point at which the therapist leaves the consultation room to consult with colleagues is called:

the intersession

For systemicists, family therapy begins with:

the initial telephone inquiry from the family

Which of the following Milan techniques is a form of reframing?

positive connotation

Therapeutically, family rituals are designed to:

all of these

In the Milan approach, rituals are typically designed during the:

the intersession

Hypotheses used by systemicists are:

all of these

As used by the Milan group, hypotheses are intended to convey:

a different view than one they hold

Circular questioning is likely to:

probe differences in how family members perceive problems

Circular questioning is sometimes referred to as:

triadic questioning

By neutrality, the Milan therapist attempts to:

remain connected to the family while avoiding getting caught in coalitions

The later version of the Milan approach based on Bateson's thinking emphasizes the family's:

epistemological error

Starting to work with a family, the Milan therapist first:

constructs a working hypothesis

Invariant prescriptions are:

therapeutic countermoves to family "games"

Which of the following does not represent Boscolo and Cecchin's current work with families?

issuing directives

Tomm's reflective questioning:

all of these

Which of the following is not considered a pioneer in cognitive and/or behavior therapy?


Albert Ellis employs the use of:

cognitive restructuring

Which of the following is not an underlying assumption of behavior therapy?

to modify or extinguish behavior, it is necessary to discover the set of circumstances in which the behavior was learned

A problem analysis:

pinpoints the specific behavioral deficit

Cognitive-behavioral therapists supplement their behavioral assessment with concern for how clients:

all of these


Cognitive-behavioral family therapists rely, for assessment purposes, on:

observable behavior

Behavioral couple therapists sometimes have partners list desirable behaviors each wants from the other, as a demonstration of commitment to the relationship. These are what is to be exchanged as a part of:

caring days

Operant interpersonal therapy represents a blend of operant learning principles and:

social exchange theory


Generally speaking, behavioral couples therapists today:

attend to cognitive factors in marital dysfunciton

Integrative couples therapy:

seeks partner acceptance

Gottman's reserach indicates three types of stable couples. Which of the following is not one of those types?

conflict-engaging couples

Patterson views aggression in children as:

a behavioral problem

For the most part, behavioral parent training attempts to change:

the child's deviant behavior

Contingency contracting is a behavioral procedure that is probably most useful with:


Functional family therapists believe:

all behavior is adaptive

The pioneering therapeutic work with sexual problems has been carried by:

Masters and Johnson

Which of these statements is true?

Sex therapy has become more medicalized in recent years.

According to postmodernists:

all of these

Postmodernists agree that what we call reality:

none of these

According to postmodern thinking, "romantic love" is a:

social invention

Post modern therapists are apt to be:

none of these

According to the text, the postmodern outlook permits:

the therapist to not be an expert

In contrast to postmodernism, the modernist places emphasis on:

all of these

Social constructionist therapies:

reject the traditional therapist-client hierarchy


Solution-focused brief therapy argues that:

client families have run out of ways of dealing with their problems

The notion of client resistance to change:

is challenged by solution-focused therapist

Exception-finding questions:

build on past successes in dealing with a problem

The Milwaukee Brief Therapy Center makes use of:

one-way mirrors and intercom systems

Solution-oriented therapy is based on all but one of the following sources. Which one does not fit?

the ideas of Salvador Minuchin

Hudson and O'Hanlon help couples recognize that:

they can rewrite the story of their relationship

Anderson and Goolishian believe

all of these

In the Goolishian-Anderson approach, therapist and client are:

conversational partners

Anderson and Goolishian view therapy as:

a linguistic event

Reflecting teams demonstrate:

all of these

Narrative therapists use reflecting teams to:

support the family's development of new narratives about themselves

A common goal of narrative therapy is:

creating and internalizing new stories

Who among the following is not a forerunner of narrative therapy?


According to White, a comprehensive understanding of a person calls for:

thick descriptions

Deconstruction, according to narrative therapists, refers to disassembling:

family assumptions about themselves

Which of the following statement/s is/are true?

Cultural stories often provide dominant narratives to a family

Foucault viewed language as:

an instrument of power

Externalizing a restraining problem is meant to:

help separate the person's identity from his or her problem


In narrative therapy, White helps families:

externalize a problem

White's therapeutic approach is based on:

employing therapeutic questions

White's narrative approach encourages families to:

create alternative accounts of their lives

The authors describe the search for unique outcomes as:

a deconstruction tactic


Ellen expresses her viewpoint at a meeting, although she is shy and her self-doubt usually tries to silence her. Narrative therapists view this as:

a unique outcome

Unique outcomes typically __________ the troubled family's dominant strory


Outside witness groups:

help reinforce alternative narratives

Anthropologist Barbara Meyerhoff's work on ______ has been adopted by narrative therapists:

definitional ceremonies

Using therapeutic letters to summarize sessions is a technique introduced by:


An example of banding together to deal with a common problem is:

The Anti-Anorexia/ Anti-Bulimia League

Psychoeducational programs are intended to help which of the following?

all of these

Family therapy's interest in schizophrenia:

was reestablished by the 1990's

Psychoeducational programs are most highly developed to help:


Working with schizophrenics, psychoeducators focus on the impact of:

the symptomatic member on family life


According to Anderson, Reiss, and Hogarty, recovering hospitalized schizophrenics:

relapsed when returning home to family

According to Miklowitz, the best indicator of relapses in schizophrenia is:

the family's expressed emotion

Survival skills workshops are psychoeducational programs directed at:

teaching family members about schizophrenia

Medical family therapy tends to:

be interdisciplinary

Medical family therapy combines:

systems and biopsychosocial approaches

The Collaborative Coalition emphasizes:

traditional medical care

Treating AIDS, family therapists can:

help patients deal with loss of independence

An example of a psychoeducational effort is:

parent skills training

An early effort to help parents deal with their emotionally disturbed children is:

filial therapy

Relationship Enhancement programs:

rarely exceed ten sessions


PREPARE is a/an

marriage preparation program

The PREP Program is designed to aid:

marriage enrichment

The PREP Program is associated with:

Howard Markman

One in four remarriages today involves:

both partners previously married

A research area that gained prominence during the 1980's was:

all of these

Many researchers find fault with clinicians for their:

willingness to adopt untested clinical procedures

Therapists are more apt to attend to _______ research because it it more likely to capture what they do in their daily work with clients.


A major problem with cross-sectional reserach on psychopathological family conditions is that:

all of these

Major depressive disorders are believed to be:

susceptible to family stress

According to the authors, most family therapists:

do not rely on formal psychological tests

Reiss has classified families who perceive the world as knowable and orderly as:


Questionnaires used for assessment are examples of:

self-report measures

In Olson's circumplex Model, how many types of marital and family systems are differentiated?


The Family Environment Scale contains all but one of these dimensions. Which one does not belong?


In the Beavers system of classification, families can be rated along a continuum according to their level of:


Severly disturbed families with centrifugal interactive styles often produce _____ children.


The McMaster Model of Family Functioning is an evaluative procedure probing how families function in three areas. Which of the following is not one of those areas?

Crisis Task Area

Process research refers to the study of interaction between:

patient and therapist systems

The use of coding systems to observe theapist behavior would be an example of:

process research

Efficacy outcome studies refers to:

"laboratory studies"

Which of the following statements does not reflect the textbook's conclusions of family therapy effectiveness?

Long-term therapy has numerous advantages over brief therapy


In practice, according to the authors, most family therapists are:


Most early family therapists were trained to:


All family therapists attend to which of these factors in assessing family functioning?

all of these


Which therapists try to help the family detach from a dominating story line?

narrative therapists

The past is emphasized by all but one of the following. Which one?


Most family therapists tend to be:



bypasses the issue of normality by emphasizing optimal functioning

MRI therapists believe problems arise from:

faulty solutions

Collaborative therapists such as Harlene Anderson try to:

help families dissolve problems

Dysfuntional families are caught up in destructive games, according to:

Milan systemic therapists

Bowenian therapists tend to be:

all of these

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