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Mrs Howard IC3 Computer Fundamentals Part II


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Operating System
the software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals.
Windows Desktop
The background work area displayed on the screen in Microsoft Windows.
A Windows operating system feature that displays buttons for each open file or application.
Recycle Bin
A holding area for files and folders before their final deletion from a storage device.
In Windows, an image that represents a task that can be performed.
When you select this item a window will be displayed to get more information
Example: 3 dots next to the "Options" menu item.
Drop-Down List
A list that appears once a drop-down arrow is clicked, allowing you to choose from available options.
Radio Buttons
A set of raido buttons allows you to choose one option at a time
Dialog Box
A box that displays additional options or information you can use to execute commands.
True or False: A Dialog Box may contain various elements such as buttons, text boxes, lists, check boxes and radio buttons
Switch User
locks your user account and displays the welcome screen so that another user can log on their account
A higher display resolution
Allows the monitor to display more information, but the images will appear smaller
"Ease of Access" or "Accessibility" control panel option that enables text to be read to you. Useful feature for users with eyesight problems.
System and Security
Control panel option that allows you to view information about the computer's operating system and hardware
Appearance and Personalization
The category in the Control Panel which contains the options for changing the screen resolution
What is the first step in exiting a non-responding application without shutting down Windows?
Hold down the Control and the Alt keys at the same time, and press the Delete key
True or False: The Personalization option in the control panel allow you to change the sound volume.
Before changing a control panel setting you should:
Record the original settings in case you need to restore it
Hardware and Sound
control panel tools to manage hardware devices such as printers, the mouse, and the keyboard
A circuit board that contains all of the computer system's main components.
The instructions contained in software programs are executed by the:
Gigahertz (GHz)
A unit used to measure a processor's speed in billions of cycles per second.
Terabyte (TB)
1 trillion bytes
Types of computer networks
LAN, WAN, Internetwork
Flash Memory
Type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten. Used in cell phones, digital cameras, handheld organizers as well as computers.
USB Connector
USB connector used for connecting to printers and digital cameras
device driver (driver)
A small program used to communicate with a peripheral device, such as a monitor, printer, portable storage device, or keyboard.
Hardware commonly used with presentation software
optical storage devices
CD/DVD drive: A form of secondary storage in which a laser reads the surface of a reflective plastic platter.
Hard Drive
A magnetic storage device. The primary storage component of a computer which holds all software and data.
True or False: CDs and DVDs are water resistant.
True or False: CDs and DVDs will be damaged if a magnet is placed next to them.

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