LS Chapter 6: Stock Control and Inventory Management


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What does R-SUPPLY stand for?
Relational Supply
What does NALCOMIS stand for?
Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
What does FAS stand for?
Functional Area Supervisor
What division is responsible for maintaining stock records, conducting inventory and maintaining files?
Stock Control
What is the quantity of material normally required to be on hand to sustain operations for a stated period without augmentation?
Average Endurance Level
What is the median between the safety level and stockage objective (safety level plus one-half of the operating level)?
Average Endurance Level
What term refers to items in stock for which the supply department is required to maintain on board?
Carried Items
What is the quantity of an item requested and issued regardless of the number of requests involved?
What is used by automated ships that experience a demand frequency of two or more in a period of 6 months and continue to have at least one demand every 6 months afterwards?
Demand-Based Item (DBI)
What is the quantity of a particular item stocked referred to as?
What term refers to material ordered from sources external to the ship or station?
Direct Turnover (DTO)
What term refers to the number of requests (hits) that an item experiences within a given time frame?
Frequency of Demand
What is the maximum quantity of material to be on hand and on order to sustain current operations called?
High Limit/Reorder Objective
What is the stock position that signals the need to start a replenishment action?
Low Limit/Reorder Point
What refers to items that the supply department does not stock?
Not Carried
What refers to items stocked by a supply department but not on board when the demand occurs?
Not in Stock (NIS)
What is referred to as the quantity of material (exclusive of the safety level) required to sustain operations during the interval between successive requisitions?
Operating Level
The difference in the quantity between the requisitioning objective (high limit) and the reorder point (low limit) is called what?
Operating Level
What is used by automated ships to identify items that have a relatively high issue rate?
Peacetime Operating Stock (POS) Item
How often are POS items stock records reviewed to compute the new requisitioning objective?
What term defines the number of different items stocked?
Stocks represented by the safety level plus the order and shipping time is called what?
Reorder Point
The maximum quantity of material to be maintained on hand on order to sustain current operations is what?
Requisitioning Objective
What is the quantity of material, in addition to the operating level, required to be on hand to permit continual operations?
Safety Level
What is an inventory control principle for non-automated ships and items that have experienced a frequency of demand of two or more?
Selected Item Management (SIM)
What includes the sum of stocks represented by the operating level and the safety level?
Stockage Objective
The 3-M reports are define in what instruction?
What is the Financial Management of Resources (Operating Forces) publication?
NAVSO P-3013-2
What division is responsible for the inventory control and management of all stock items in the custody of the Supply Officer?
Stock Control
What division is responsible for processing all requisitions, post transactions, prepares and submits financial reports and maintains various files, and prepares reports and listings?
Stock Control
Where can you find lists of mechanized files?
R-Supply Support Procedures
What contains a copy of transaction documents, such as issues, off-ship requisitions, change notices or receipts?
Transaction Ledger
What consists of all computer-generated listings or documents used for updating the records?
Data Processing History File
Stock replenishment policy afloat includes what demand quantity month period?
6, 9, or 12 month period
Where can you find the endurance table to adjust the high limit, low limit and safety level?
Chapter 6 of NAVSUP P-485
When using endurance table, what shall you determine before selecting the high/low limit for SIM items?
Order and Shipping Time (O&ST)
What is the authorized O&ST for deployed and non-deployed ships when items are readily available in SERVMART?
0 days
What is the authorized O&ST for non-deployed ships in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii?
30 days
What is the authorized O&ST for deployed ships when the items are available from stock points in Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States or from Combat Logistics Force (CLF) ships?
60 days
What is the authorized O&ST for deployed ships in areas other than Western Pacific when items are available only in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii?
75 days
What is the authorized O&ST for deployed ships in Western Pacific when items are available only in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii?
90 days
Who may authorize changes to the O&ST when it is considered necessary to maintain the prescribed average endurance level?
Cognizant Fleet Commander
When are DBI items replenished?
On-hand plus the on-order quantity is equal to or less than the low limit
When are non-SIM items replenished?
One-for-one replacement basis
Where shall receiving and storage personnel submit completed receipt documents?
Stock Control
You shall compare receipt document data with what other data?
stock control data
What is the most common data that is substituted?
Stock number
Before posting receipts, you should check what file for the supply status that contains information about the substitute stock number?
Requisition File
What status codes can you use to distinguish a new or substitute stock number?
BG or BH
What does the term "receipt not from due" mean?
document number of material received is not in the outstanding requisition file
What division gets a copy of the proof of issue documents after the delivery of material to the customer?
Stock Control
When shall automated activities post issue transactions for aviation depot-level repairable (AVDLR) items?
Only after a beyond capable maintenance (BCM) action by the Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA)
What is the most common form of request for transfer of material?
Higher commands may direct transfer of material by what means?
Where can an AVDLR item be repaired?
Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA)
AVDLR items that are processed as beyond capability of maintenance by IMA must be shipped where for repair?
Designated Overhaul Point (DOP)
How are Appropriation Purchase Account (APA) identified?
Even number cog
How are items carried in the supply system grouped?
What items are generally stand-alone and perform a function?
Principal Items
What items are grouped based on repair ability?
Secondary Items
Items that are not considered economical to repair at the depot maintenance level are grouped as consumables or what else?
Field-level repairable (FLR)
As new principal items are purchases for the Navy, the secondary items are assigned what in the first position of the cognizance symbol?
What cog will the 0_ cog migrate to when the material support date (MSD) is reached?
1_ or 7_
What is agreed upon when the ICP will accept responsibility of the 0_ cog item?
Material Support Date (MSD)
How does the contractor issue interim support items to users?
Without Charge
What price is obligated when a turn-in is made?
Net Price
What price is obligated when there is no turn-in?
Standard Price
What is a document that lists the authorized items and quantities of aeronautical material for stock?
Aviation Consolidated Allowance List (AVCAL)
What is convened by the ICP for negotiating site allowance requirements?
AVCAL Quality Review Conference (AQRC)
How does activities update the fixed allowance levels in stock records?
Allowance Change Request-Fixed (ACR-F)
Before the workup, ships submit requisitions for initial or increases in allowances of "R" Cog items to who?
The initial or increases of 7R cog items will have a...
Demand Code of?
Signal Code?
Fund Code?
Advice Code?
Demand Code N
Signal Code C
Fund Code QZ
Advice Code 5D
APA and interim support items will have a...
Demand Code?
Advice Code?
Fund Code?
Demand Code N
Advice Code 5D
Fund Code Y6
What appendix can you find cognizance codes?
Appendix 18 of NAVSUP P-485
What does MAM stand for?
Maintenance Assist Modules
What does TBI?
Test Bench Installation
The Supply Officer will assign custody of MAM and TBI items to what?
What is the carcass value?
difference between Net Price and Standard Price
What maintains carcass tracking records for 7R items?
Document Identifier AO?
record of the requisition
Document Identifier A4?
referral action
Document Identifier D7?
record of issue through Transaction Item Report (TIR)
Document Identifier B7?
record of issue by non-TIR activity
Document Identifier D6?
record of receipt through TIR
Document Identifier D6R?
shipment notification
Document Identifier FTA?
record of automatic material returns to other services
What will open the carcass tracking?
Advice Code
What will close the carcass tracking?
Matching carcass receipt from designated overhaul point (DOP)
What publications would you refer to for the format of BK1 documents?
When will ICP send a BK5 follow-up inquiry?
When the carcass tracking record involves a trans-shipper
When does ICP submit a BK1 follow-up to N service code requisitions to NAVSUP WSS?
45 days
When does ICP submit a BK1 follow-up to R or V service code requisitions to NAVSUP WSS?
60 days
When does ICP submit a BK1 follow-up for all requisitions to NAVSUP WSS?
90 days
When do you submit a BK2 response?
For each BK1 follow-up inquiry
What should you refer to for the BK2 format?
Chapter 5 of NAVSUP P-485
Appendix P of NAVSUP P-545
When must NAVSUP WSS receive BK2 response from the follow-up date on the BK1 to avoid additional billings?
21 days
50 days
What block on the 1348 is the response codes on?
What publications contains a complete list of response codes?
What response code is used when the shipment document number used for the carcass is the same as the original requisition number?
What response code is used when the document number used for shipping the carcass is different from the requisition number?
What blocks is the turn-in document number recorded on the 1348?
What response code is used when there will be no carcass turn-in and the advice code of the requisition should be 5A?
What response code is used when there will be no carcass turn-in and the advice code of the requisition should be 5D?
When should activities send an Advance BK2?
System Cancellations
Loss in Shipment
What response code is used for non-receipt of requisitioned AVDLR or if carcass was turned in on the reorder document number?
What blocks are used on 1348 for document number that did not have a turn-in?
What forms are submitted when by the activity that didn't receive the material shipped?
Supply Discrepancy Report (SF 364)
DD Form 200
What code is sent to the requisitioner by the ICP when they consider BK2 response to be invalid?
BKR (rejection code)
What publications provides a list of Rejection codes?
Chapter 5 NAVSUP P-485
Appendix U NAVSUP P-545
Does the BKR document received on a transaction alter the time frame in generating the BK3 from the ICP?
What is an advance notification of billing to the requisitioning activity?
BK3 document
What is the amount of the bill of a BK3 document?
difference between the net and standard price
What block on the 1348 is the reason code on?
What reason code is used when BK3 was produced due to BK2 with C, D, or G response code (billing at standard price)?
What reason code is used when BK3 was produced due to non-response to BK1?
What reason code is used when BK3 was produced due to the use of a second F or K response?
What reason code is used when ICP delayed the transaction because it was suspended for review?
What reason code is used when ICP deleted a match that was generated by the imperfect match review?
What is a notification of reduced billing to customer?
BK4 document
What reason code used for BK4 documents is used when positive turn-in data was received against a tracking record in billing status?
What reason code used for BK4 documents is used when positive turn-in data was received against a tracking record in BK3 status?
What reason code used for BK4 documents is used when BK3 was suppressed as a result of a B or F reject?
A BK4 with response code A will result in a credit on what?
Summary Filled Order/Expenditure Difference Listing (SFOEDL)
What do you do if the turn-in of an excess AVDLR is not carried (NC)?
create record of the NSN is stock record before inducting the item into IMA
How would you process/mark a turn-in document?
Material Turned In to Stock (MTIS)
What does MTIS stand for?
Material Turned In to Stock
What does BCM stand for?
Beyond Capable Maintenance (BCM)
If credit is provided by the ICP, it will be provided to who?
Where should activities offload RFI AVDLRs?
Closest Navy Transaction Item Reporting (TIR) activity
What form do you use to ship AVDLRs?
DD Form 1348-1A
What is NAVSUP P-545?
DLR Requisitioning, Turn-in and Carcass Tracking Guide
What is Management code C?
Item is being returned for possible credit if granted by ICP (given to TYCOM)
Aviation ships record inventories of aviation fuel in the same manner as what?
Navy Stock Account (NSA)
Who is responsible for determining fuel requirements and advises the Supply Officer of the quantity and desired delivery date?
Aviation Fuels Officer
What are the types of expenditures?
Cash Sales
Where are aviation fuels offloaded?
Navy shore activities
What does OSO stand for?
Other Supply Officer
Aviation fuels offloaded are processed how?
Other Supply Officer (OSO) transfers
How will aviation fuel provided to Air Force planes, activities, or other DoD aircraft be processed?
Cash sale transactions
What are the five shipboard material inventory areas?
Operating Space Items
Repair Parts
Maintenance Assistance Modules (MAMs)
Ready Service Spares (RSSs)
Operating Space Items (OSIs) is under management by who?
Department Heads
Repair parts, consumables, maintenance assistant modules, and ready service spares are under custody by who?
Supply Officer
Who is responsible for the storage, security and inventory control of all stock material in his custody?
Supply Officer
What ensures that the quantity reflected in records agrees with the quantity in location?
Physical Inventories
What are the six types of inventories?
Bulkhead to Bulkhead
Specific Commodity
Special Material
Random Sampling
What type of inventory is a physical count of all stock material aboard the ship or within a specific storeroom?
Bulkhead to Bulkhead
When is inventory of the ship's entire stock of repair parts performed?
During an Integrated Logistics Overhaul (ILO)
When a random sampling inventory fails to meet what percent inventory accuracy rate a bulkhead to bulkhead of a specific storeroom is performed?
90 percent
What type of inventory is a physical count of all items under the same cognizance symbol, federal supply class, or same operational function?
Specific Commodity
What type of inventory requires a physical count of all items regarding their physical characteristics, costs, mission essentiality, criticality, or other masons (classified, hazardous, controlled equipage, presentation silver)?
Special Material
When is classified items inventoried?
Upon change of custodian
What identifies classified items in stock records?
Controlled Inventory Item Code (CIIC)
What does CIIC stand for?
Controlled Inventory Item Code
What appendix can you find a listing of CIIC?
Appendix 9
How often are hazardous items inventoried?
How often are depot level repairables inventoried?
How often are shelf-life items inventoried?
Are NOT required to be periodically inventoried
What type of inventory is unscheduled that is performed to verify the existence of a specific stock item?
What is a physical inventory that concentrates on frequently demanded items?
What type of inventory is considered to be part of the annual scheduled inventory, used only on authorized ships, and counts a specified number of selected items within the segment?
Random Sampling
What is used to verify that material in storage locations agrees with location data recorded on the stock record?
Location Audit
What will be verified during the location audit?
Stock number
Unit of issue
Shelf-life expiration date
When is the inventory schedule prepared by the Supply Officer?
before the commencement of each fiscal year
What should be done before performing an inventory?
Outstanding receipts and issue documents
suspense items
overdue receipts and pending issues
review overaged stock requisitions
When shall the Supply Officer request an official notice to be placed in the Plan of the Day (POD) identifying the storeroom or stock being inventoried?
At least 1 week before inventory
Preservation packaging must not be broken without approval by who?
Supply Officer
When inventorying containers what must be done by the person who verified the contents?
Date and Initial the container
What must be stamped on receipts and expenditures when inventorying?
Items are in what sequence when reviewing count documents?
What is done with count documents?
dated and initialed
What is the next step in the inventory process after the physical count and review of count documents?
reconcile (compare) count documents with stock records
What consists of checking recent transactions, in-posted or rejected documentation, temporary locations, or verifying catalog data?
Preliminary research
What is an in-depth investigation of specific inventory discrepancies?
Causative Research
What transactions need review during causative research?
change notices
location updates
unposted or erroneous documents
When is causative research usually conducted?
after posting the inventory adjustment to the stock record
When should causative research be completed?
within 30 days from the date the adjustment was posted to the stock record
Who reviews the results of causative research periodically?
Supply Officer
After posting, how would you file the inventory count documents?
On the Stock Record File in NIIN sequence
What comes after comparing the inventory count with the stock record count?
Process an inventory adjustment record, if necessary
What do you process if the inventory count is greater than the stock record balance?
Gain By Inventory (GBI)
What do you process if the inventory count is less than the stock record balance?
Loss By Inventory (LBI)
What personnel must check location differences noted in the inventory count documents with those in stock records?
Stock Control
What will be reviewed to compute the accuracy rate?
Count and adjustment documents
What is the minimum percent for an acceptable inventory accuracy rate?
How would you compute the accuracy rate?
Subtract the errors from number of items inventoried and then divide the difference by number of items inventoried
What is the method used to check locations in storage with stock records?
Location Audit Program (LAP)
When should location audits be scheduled for completion?
Just before the scheduled inventory of a particular storage area
How often are storage areas audited?
What are the benefits of location audits?
Improved supply effectiveness
Reduced inventory effort
Improved inventory accuracy
Maximum usage of storage spaces
What contains the location and audit procedures?
NAVSUP P-485 and type commander directives
What information is checked during the location audit?
Stock number
Unit of issue
Shelf-life expiration date
You should make every effort to fine out the location of items listed as what?
Material On-Hand With No Location
How should you research "Material On-Hand With No Location"?
Using Transaction Ledger
What shall you do if you are unable to find the location of the item?
Process an LBI or survey
Location validity is verified annually ensuring its at what percent?
How would you compute the location audit rate?
Audit 5 percent of total locations and subtract the number of erroneous locations from total locations audited
Then divide number of valid locations by the total locations audited
Equipage consists of shipboard items selected or approved by who for special inventory control?
Fleet Commanders in Chief
How may the Commanding Officer or Type Commander designate equipage?
Signature required
Non-signature required
Non-signature items listed in the NAVSUP P-485 may be designated as "signature required" when who deems it necessary?
Commanding Officer
Who retains the original list of the designation of equipage?
Supply Officer
Who retains the copy of designation of equipage?
Department head concerned
What is assigned a code that shows if the item is controlled or non-controlled equipage?
Allowance Equipage Lists (AELs)
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance Lists (COSALs)
What are provided for use as custody records?
NAVSUP Form 306
What are provided only for use as convenient master lists and are not to be used as custody records?
ADP lists
What does EEC stand for?
Equipage and Equipment Categorization and Custody
What is defined as an equipage item, repair parts and equipment-related consumables, general use consumables, and signature required?
Equipage and Equipment Categorization and Custody (EEC)
What is prescribed as a custody record and inventory control document for controlled equipage in non-automated ships?
Equipage Custody Record, NAVSUP Form 306
What is entered on the top or bottom margin of the NAVSUP Form 306?
Who has the original and duplicate custody card for equipage in the supply department?
Supply Officer
All other duplicate equipage custody cards are retained where?
The department head that has custody of the equipage
When are all equipage items inventoried?
annually 15FEB-15MAR
when ship is commissioned, inactivated, deactivated
upon relief of department head
upon change of command (discretion of relieving CO)
Why must annual inventories of equipage be completed by 15 March?
be reflected in the Equipage Control/Redistribution Source Document
How many months before the annual inventory of equipage considered to be satisfied when conducting a ship-wide or departmental inventory?
six months
What shall happen when department head is being relieved and requires an inventory of equipage?
The relieved and relieving department heads takes it jointly
NAVSUP Form 306 is reviewed to ensure what is on them?
serial numbers
When does the Supply Officer prepare an official notice advising all department heads of procedural details to be followed in performing their annual inventories of controlled equipage? Who signs the notice?
At least 1 month before 15FEB
Commanding Officer or officer with delegated authority
The date of the inventory, quantity inventoried and signature of the person performing the inventory must be entered where?
Inventory Record of the department head's duplicate custody record
What shall be done upon completion of a controlled equipage inventory by each department?
submit a letter report to the CO and a copy to the SUPPO
Who shall sign the completed controlled equipage letter report submitted to CO if department head is getting relieved?
Both the relieved and relieving department
To maintain effective management of controlled equipage assets, some type commanders keep a computerized program designed to do what?
Keep track of controlled equipage deficiencies and excesses among the commands under him/her.
What is a single line item consumption/requisition document for non-automated ships?
NAVSUP Form 1250-1