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As proteins are heated, they coagulate. This means they become firmer and absorb moisture.


Fruit and vegetable fiber becomes softer when cooked.


The transfer of heat from the outside to the inside of a piece of roasting meat is an example of convection.


Which of the following types of edible compounds has a smoke point?


Which of the following terms os associated with broiling?

Tender food items

Lemon juice is used as a seasoning for some sauces.


Spices must be stored so that they are protected from heat, light, and moisture.


Deglazing takes place after ___________.


Chef Marie stirs her sauce while it is cooking so that it does not burn on the bottom of the saucepan. This is an example of __________ convection.


Which of the following is the correct descending order (from highest temperature to lowest) of the three methods to cook food in water or a seasoned and flavored liquid?

boil → simmer → poach

Which of the following is a combination of both moist and dry heat cooking?


I am a blanched green bean. This means that I have been ___________.

Partially cooked

Steam is a better conductor of heat than air


If a very delicate food is cooked in water or a seasoned and flavored liquid, it should be ___________ so that it does not fall apart.


Which pair of words makes the following sentence true when inserted in the blanks? Caramelization occurs when __________ browns, and gelatinization occurs when __________ absorbs water and swells.

sugar, starch

To cook submerged in hot fat _________ .

Deep fat fry

Adding an acid to meat during the cooking process __________.

helps to dissolve some of its connective tissue

In order to assemble a sachet, you must have __________.

1. string
2. cheesecloth
3. herbs and spices

When food is sautéed, it is important ___________.

1. to sear the food quickly
2. not to overcrowd the pan
3. to preheat the pan before sautéing

Heat can be transferred by __________.

1. radiation
2. Convection
3. conduction

A salamander is a special type of ___________.


The Maillard reaction is the name given to what cooking reaction?

The process that is responsible for the browning of the surface of meat when it is cooked.

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