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Spanish American War Major Battles/Events

Sinking of the Maine
- 15 February 1898
- USS Maine battleship exploded in Havana Harbor.
- Sent to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain, she blew up without warning and quickly sank, killing nearly three quarters of her crew.
- The yellow press (William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer) accused Spain of blowing up the ship even though experts later concluded that the explosion was probably an accident.
- "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!", became a rallying cry for action
- Not a direct cause for action, but it served as a catalyst, accelerating the approach to a diplomatic impasse between the U.S. and Spain which led to the Spanish-American War.
Battle of Matanzas
- April 25, 1898
- Cuba
- US victory, blockade of the Spanish port of Matanzas
Battle of Manila Bay; Battle of Manila
- April 27, 1898; August 13, 1898
- Decisive American victory, American capture of major bay in the Philippines and destruction of Spanish Pacific fleet; American-Filipino victory, capture of major city in the Philippines.
Capture of Guam
- June 20-21, 1898
- Guam
- US victory, capture of Guam from the Spanish.
First Battle of Cardenas
- May 8, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, Spanish attempts to lift the blockade on Cuba thwarted.
Second Battle of Cardenas
- May 11, 1898
- Cuba
- Spanish victory, loosening of the blockade on Cuba.
Battle of Cienfuegos
- May 11, 1898
- Cuba
- Inconclusive. Americans cut telegraph cable, but suffered heavy casualties.
Bombardment of San Juan
- May 12, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- Spanish defenses of important Puerto Rican City are damaged.
Battle of Guantánamo Bay
- June 6-10, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, capture of important bay in Cuba.
Second Battle of San Juan
- June 22, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, Spanish attempts to break U.S. blockade of this important Puerto Rican city fails.
Battle of Las Guasimas
- June 24, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, town of Sevilla captured.
Third Battle of San Juan
- June 28, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- Spanish resupply attempts succeed (American blockade of important Puerto Rican city is broken.)
Battle of Tayacoba
- June 30, 1898
- Cuba
- Spanish victory, Americans fail to land troops.
First Battle of Manzanillo
- June 30, 1898
- Cuba
- Spanish victory, American gunboats fail to capture important Cuban harbor.
Battle of El Caney
- July 1, 1898
- Cuba
- Inconclusive. American forces succeeded on capturing an important fort and protecting the right flank at San Juan Hill, but suffered delays and heavy casualties.
Second Battle of Manzanillo
- July 1, 1898
- Cuba
- Spanish victory, a second attempt to capture important Cuban harbor fails.
Battle San Juan Hill
- July 1, 1898
- Cuba
- American/Cuban victory, capture of San Juan heights.
- This fight for the heights was the bloodiest and most famous battle of the war. It was also the location of the so called "greatest victory" for the Rough Riders, as stated by the press and its new commander, Theodore Roosevelt.
Battle of Aguacate
- July 1, 1898
- Cuba
- Cuban victory, many Spanish forces continue retreat to Santiago
Battle of Santiago de Cuba
-July 3, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, destruction of six Spanish ships escaping from a Cuban harbor.
- Spanish losses: 343 dead, 151 wounded, 1,889 captured, Spanish squadron destroyed American losses: 1 dead, 1 wounded
- Sealed American victory in the Spanish-American War and achieved nominal independence for Cuba from Spanish rule.
Siege of Santiago de Cuba
- July 3-17, 1898
- Cuba
- American/Cuban victory, surrender of Spanish of important city in Cuba
- Spanish losses: 2,000 dead or wounded, 11,500 captured; American losses: 1,614 dead or wounded
Hawaii Annexed
- July 7, 1898
- Dole declared this island chain an independent republic. Spurred by the nationalism aroused by the Spanish-American War, the United States annexed this island chain at the urging of President William McKinley. These islands were made a territory in 1900, and Dole became its first governor.
Third Battle of Manzanillo
- July 18, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, destruction of Spanish squadron in important Cuban harbor
Battle of Nipe Bay
- July 21, 1898
- Cuba
- American victory, sinking of several Spanish ships.
Battle of Mani-Mani
- July 23, 1898
- Cuba
- Spanish victory, American landing fails and unable to deliver supplies intended for the Cuban insurgents operating in northwestern Cuba.
Battle of Yauco
- July 25, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, Spanish forces retreat and fail to destroy rail lines.
Battle of Guayama
- August 5, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, capture of this important Puerto Rican city
Battle of Coamo
- August 8-9, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, capture of this important Puerto Rican city
Battle of Fajardo
- August 8-9, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- inconclusive, Americans do not succeed in capturing this important eastern Puerto Rican city.
Battle of Silva Heights
- August 10, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, capture of this important area of Puerto Rico
Battle of Mayaguez
- August 11, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, Spanish forces retreated before the US forces arrived.
Battle of Asomante
- August 9-13, 1898
- Puerto Rico
- US victory, capture of this important Puerto Rican City.
- This led to the end of the war in Puerto Rico and the end of the Spanish-American War.
Treaty of Paris of 1898
- An armistice was arranged on August 12, 1898
- Fighting was halted and Spain recognized Cuba's independence. The U.S. occupation of the Philippines was recognized pending final disposition of the islands.
- The war officially ended four months later, when the U.S. and Spanish governments signed the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898.
- Apart from guaranteeing the independence of Cuba, the treaty also forced Spain to cede Guam and Puerto Rico to the United States.
- Ratified by the U.S. Senate on February 6, 1899.

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