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Chap 8 Dividing North America

were motivated to explore the coastline and interior of California b/c the English were exploring farther north
"Lost Colony"
in Roanoke, NC; the only clue to their disappearance was the word Croatoan carved into a tree
John Rolfe
introduced tobacco to Jamestown as a cash crop; married Pocohontas thereby removing the threat of Indian attack against Jamestown
Sir Walter Raleigh
funded the first attempted English colony in the New World
Samuel de Champlain
called the Father of New France because of his great love for the French frontier
English colonists
1)came under private investors, 2)brought their families to the New World, 3)most were Protestants
Hernando de Soto
a Spanish explorer that often enslaved Indians and stole their grain reserves
Canadian Pacific Railroad
opened western Canada to expansion and settlement
French territory
the New World territory that was home to 70,000 people; most French settlers lived in Eastern Canada
the city that was fought over in the battle on the Plains on Abraham
France, England & Spain
during early settlement the greatest number of Europeans came to the New World from
Durham Report
suggested that Britain relax its control over Canada
the favored fur for hats in the New World
Cabeza de Vaca
Spanish explorer who saw Indians as human beings
South America
the majority of black slaves brought to the New World went to which continent
Anglicans who disagreed with certain church practices; considered their settlement "a city that is set on a hill"
English colonies
valued education for their colonists so they would be able to read the Bible; offered the greatest religious freedom
Jamestown settlers
1)not prepared for hard work 2)believed the colony would be a paradise 3)struggled with disease & Indian attacks
Pilgrim settlers
1)had more freedom & order 2)legal system 3)less problem with Indians
William Bradford
wrote History of Plymouth Plantation
Pedro Menendez de Aviles
Spanish explorer that chased the French from their settlement and established Spanish dominance in Florida
Quebec Act
British act that protected the French way of life in Canada
Sir Thomas Dale
the governor of Jamestown who helped the colony improve after the "starving time winter"
British North America Act
granted Canada dominion status with self-rule in domestic affairs
St. Augustine, FL
oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States
John Smith
had to leave Jamestown after being injured in a gunpowder explosion
Eliza Pinckney
introduced indigo as a cash crop in the Carolinas
outlawed in all the Americas by 1888
Jacques Cartier and his men suffered from this disease
Juan Ponce de Leon
explorer who named the land he discovered Pascua florida
document that outlines the pattern of American government
French & Indian War
one outcome was that France lost Canada to england